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SmartyPants Vitamins announces new gummies for grown-ups

SmartyPants Vitamins announces new gummies for grown-ups
SmartyPants Vitamins contain seven crucial vitamins and an eco-friendly source of DHA and EPA omega-3s but no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.

Next time you reach for your multivitamin and cringe at the thought of choking down another horse-pill, you may want to consider SmartyPants Gummies for GrownUps.

“We originally created our Children’s All-in-One Gummy Multivitamins because we weren’t happy with the mass-market children vitamin options,” says Gordon Gould, a parent and one of the co-founders of SmartyPants. “We didn’t want to put artificial colors, dyes, or synthetic or genetically modified sweeteners (aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, glucose syrup from GM corn) in our children’s bodies. We didn’t want to have to force them to swallow fish oil but we remained worried about deficiencies. If we wanted to buy only high quality supplements, filling in all the gaps in their diets became outrageously expensive. When we couldn’t find the answer to our problem (and we knew we weren’t alone), we decided to make one ourselves."

Adds Courtney Nichols, a co-founder and Gould’s co-CEO and co-(step)parent, “we saw a real lack of information out there about where the ingredients came from and realized that every element in a vitamin matters-their source as much as their quantity. We committed early on to provide real transparency to our customers; to let them know where our nutrients came from and to always choose quality over profit. I think that makes a real difference when you are talking about something you put in your body every day.”

The result? "We received a more positive response from parents than we could have ever imagined," continues Gould. "In fact, after we introduced our Children’s All-in-One Gummies, parents (and lots of other grown ups) immediately started asking us if they could also take SmartyPants. Since family health is one of the cornerstones of our company, we decided we should offer a vitamin for adults and so SmartyPants Gummies for GrownUps was born.”

With the same basic ingredients but in a dose appropriate to adults, one serving provides 100% or greater of seven crucial vitamins, an excellent source of Vitamin D and an excellent and eco-friendly source of DHA and EPA Omega 3’s all in one delicious serving. Despite the renowned taste of SmartyPants, they contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, opting for only organic cane sugar and organic tapioca to give them their yummy taste.

One serving of SmartyPants Gummies for GrownUps provides eco-friendly Omega-3s, derived exclusively from sustainably-harvested anchovies and sardines. Small fish are a more eco-friendly choice avoiding further depletion of tuna populations frequently used by other vitamin makers.

“Our Omega-3 oil is guaranteed through rigorous USP testing to contain no mercury, dioxin or PCBs. By using small fish lower on the food chain, SmartyPants is able to eliminate the danger that environmental toxins pose in traditional fish oils,” adds Nichols. “With about 80% of all Americans deficient in Omega-3 oils, and all the research out there about how essential Omega-3 is for brain health and overall well-being, we think SmartyPants Gummies for both kids and grown ups offer a great tasting way to give your body what it may be lacking without any of the things you don't need, like synthetic chemicals and genetically-modified-derived ingredients that are so common today in mass-market vitamins.”

“Our Gummies are not meant to replace a healthy diet,” adds Nichols, “but SmartyPants can fill in the gaps when you or your children aren’t always able to eat a perfect meal -- and how often can most of us pull off that feat? We believe our SmartyPants Gummies are the finest gummy product available on the market, and we take them ourselves."

Whether you need to fill in nutritional gaps, or just want an afternoon burst of energy from a healthy source, SmartyPants has done all the heavy lifting to create a sustainable, eco-friendly multivitamin +vitamin d+omega 3 supplement in one great tasting gummy free of the common synthetic and genetically-modified ingredients.

SmartyPants Gummies are available online at

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