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SoBe or Wannabe The Lizard Takes Its First Foray Into Television

SOURCE: South Beach Beverage Company

NORWALK, Conn., May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- SoBe Beverages announced today that the company would air its first television commercial on May 20th. The spot, titled "SoBe or Wannabe," will feature some of SoBe's first (and hottest) Team Lizard athletes, and will take viewers back to one of SoBe's first retailers -- the Rockridge Deli in Rye, New York.

"The time has come to unleash the lizard," said SoBe CEO and Lizard King, John Bello. "We've successfully built a young, hard-core and intensely loyal consumer following for the brand through grassroots marketing. The TV spot will introduce a broader audience to the SoBe experience. But there's nothing commercial about this commercial!"

The commercial theme is based on the "ultimate poser" who simply can't seem to be himself. The scene takes place in a "mom and pop" store setting, which is based on the Rockridge Deli in Rye, NY-one of the first retailers to ever carry SoBe products. Three SoBe athletes, Biker Sherlock, Shonny Vanlandingham and Bode Miller visit the store and purchase SoBe, while a decidedly unhip SoBe non-user (played by Patrick Renna who's known to SoBe fans for his work in the feature film "The Sandlot") looks on in awe. Rockridge Deli owner, Rocco Lagana, also has a cameo appearance in the spot. The message that's carried throughout the spot is "SoBe Yourself" refueling the SoBe strong equity in individualism.

"It isn't easy to translate the powerful, unique relationship SoBe has built with its fans into a mass media TV spot," said SoBe Sr. VP of Marketing, Renee Coughlin. "But over the years, we've established credibility with our fans, and they have trusted us to develop a TV commercial that's authentic, funny and true to SoBe's core. For the SoBe endorsement, we used real SoBe athletes, not actors or models, and we've invited one of the first SoBe retailers to make a cameo appearance in the spot. We definitely think the "SoBe or Wannabe" commercial reflects the credible persona of the SoBe brand."

The company worked with Westport, CT based Oneworld Communications and director Jonathan David with MJZ on the creative concept and production of the spot. It will air on national cable channels, including MTV, E! Entertainment Network, ESPN and OLN. The multi-million dollar campaign will run from May 20th through August 1st, supporting summer product sales.

For more information on this campaign or on SoBe in general, please contact: Kristine Hinck ( at SoBe Beverages, 203.899.7163.

Norwalk, CT- based South Beach Beverage Company is the maker of herbally enhanced refreshment beverages marketed under the SoBe brand name. SoBe "healthy refreshment' beverages are formulated for individuals with active lifestyles. In addition to SoBe teas and juice blends in the famous 20 oz. glass lizard bottle, SoBe markets SoBe Sports System, an advance performance beverage system, SoBe Adrenaline Rush, an all-natural maximum energy supplement, Love Bus Brew, an energizing chocolate drink, and SoBe Ice, a fountain-dispensed frozen product with SoBe flavors. SoBe also comes in convenient, on-the-go 11 oz. aseptic boxes, called Lizard Packs.

SoBe beverages can be purchased at convenience stores, grocery stores, mass merchandisers and warehouse clubs, delis, gas marts, and select restaurants/hotels. For more information, visit the SoBe web site at or call the Lizard Line at 1-800-588-0548. SoBe is a separate operating unit of Pepsi-Cola North America.

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