Socially, environmentally and bird friendly – Jim’s Organic Coffee Introduces Colombian Borbon Reserve - A Premier, Limited Edition

Wareham, Massachusetts (May 2, 2003) Jim’s Organic Coffee announced today the first varietal in its new Limited Edition Series -- Colombian Borbon Reserve. Certified 100% organic by QAI, this exquisite whole bean coffee has a lush aroma with Baker’s chocolate-like taste and custard-like mouth feel with a trace of spice. “This is a full city roast coffee for which we recommend using a French Press,” says Jim Cannell, President and Founder of Jim’s Organic Coffee. “Once you have tasted the “specialness” of this premier coffee, it is an experience you won’t forget.” The company offers 12 oz. packages with a suggested retail price of $13.39.

According to the company, the Colombian Borbon Reserve is truly a very special selection. Borbon is an “old growth” type of Arabica bean dating back to the 1700’s when coffee was first planted in the Americas. Since the 1950’s, Borbon plants have been replaced by new, agribusiness varieties. Borbon requires shade and flourishes under organic conditions. Because it is a much larger plant, thus needing more space/acre, it produces yields of only ¼ of modern coffee plants. “At the company’s request, this farm in Colombia’s Bucaramunga region has separated their Borbon pickings to bring us this Borbon Reserve,” says Jim. In 2000, the farm was awarded the Latin American social and environmental business responsibility award. In addition, it is also Smithsonian Bird Friendly certified. Adds Jim, “To me, just because a coffee producing country offers an organic coffee is no reason to put my name on it. My selections are based on outstanding and consistent cup quality coupled with ecological excellence. This one is a winner!”

Jim’s Organic Coffee is a leader in the coffee industry providing a wide selection of slow, hand-roasted, certified organically grown coffees from around the world. With over 35 varieties to choose from, the company makes every effort to support farmers with fair wages, support the ecosystem by buying shade grown coffee which provides vital bird habitat and support organic agriculture which sustains vital ecosystems. Jim’s fine coffees are available at health food stores, markets, fine restaurants, bakeries and through the website at


“Coffee is my love, organic is my passion”

Jim Cannell invites you to coffee and some conversation by calling 800.999.9218.
Full size samples are available upon request.

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