Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® Collaborates with Noted Cardiologist to Present Lecture on Metabolic Syndrome and CoQsol-CF™ at NNFA Trade Show

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 20, 2005–Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® (SGTI®) hosted John Rumberger, Ph.D., M.D., F.A.C.C. as a speaker at the NNFA trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, held July 15-17, 2005. Dr. Rumberger is a noted cardiologist who was a faculty member at the Mayo Clinic for 12 years. He currently serves as the Medical Director of HealthWise Medical Diagnostics Center in Columbus, Ohio and is author of the forthcoming wellness book, “The Way.” In his presentation entitled, “The Role of Coenzyme Q10 (and Other Supplements) in the Metabolic Syndrome: A Perspective of a Preventive Cardiologist,” Dr. Rumberger lectured on how metabolic syndrome, a growing pandemic affecting over 40% of mature adults, significantly increases cardiovascular disease risk. One of the primary focal points of the lecture dealt with solubilized CoQ10, specifically CoQsol-CF™, and how it helps reduce disease risk by supporting cardiovascular function and providing antioxidant protection throughout the body. He emphasized the importance of daily supplementation with CoQ10, particularly for those with elevated cholesterol levels on statin drug therapy. During this 45-minute presentation, over 75 attendees were informed about the traits that characterize metabolic syndrome, including abdominal obesity, elevated blood lipids, and insulin resistance, and how it is a leading risk factor for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

During the SGTI®-sponsored lecture, Dr. Rumberger stressed that visceral fat should be recognized as an endocrine system organ. He explained, “Visceral fat secretes a range of inflammatory compounds that increase damage to the cardiovascular system.” The key tenets of natural therapies for Metabolic Syndrome and inflammation in general are exercise, the Mediterranean Diet, and a balanced attitude. He also discussed the benefits of dietary supplements, mainly highlighting the value of omega-3 fatty acids from fish and solubilized CoQ10.

SGTI® hosted this lecture as part of their ongoing efforts to promote the benefits of their new, fully-solubilized CoQ10 formulation, CoQsol-CF™. “We are thrilled that so many retailers are committed to learning more about how they can support the health of their communities; clearly there is a need for authoritative information of these critical health issues,” commented Kenn Israel, Director of Marketing for SGTI®. “We are proud of our association with Dr. Rumberger. His outstanding credentials and practice of preventive cardiology lend credibility to the Natural Products Industry.” He continued, “Any interested parties wanting to further their knowledge about CoQsol-CF™ can visit for our free online educational course on this supplement.”

About Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.®
Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® is a leading contract manufacturer providing specialty soft gelatin encapsulation to the nutrition industry. SGTI®’s leading product is a patented, highly-bioavailable CoQ10 soft gel marketed as CoQsol®. Other key products include GlucoTrim®, a Banaba leaf extract for blood glucose management, and Injuv®, a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for cosmeceutical and joint health applications. Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® is a privately-held company based in Los Angeles, CA.

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