Solbar Awarded First Place by the AOCS

The American Oil Chemists Society announced awarding Solbar first place in two categories of analysis: Oilseed meal 100% Nitrogen (method Ba 4d-90) and Oil seed meal 100% Moisture in soybean samples by the AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program and honorable mention for analytical determination of the analysis of residual oil content.

“We are very pleased with this prestigious winning by the AOCS,” says Gary Brenner, V.P. Marketing and Development of Solbar. “This award clearly demonstrates Solbar’s long term commitment to high quality soy protein ingredients ensures highest safety standards. This action is part of Solbar’s strategy of setting the benchmark for quality and safety of ingredients and I’m sure it will affect our potential customers’ buying decision worldwide.“

Laboratory Proficiency award winners will be posted in the September issue of AOCS’ Membership magazine Inform and be placed on the AOCS website ( AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program (LPP) is the world's most extensive and respected collaborative proficiency program for oil- and fat-related commodities, oilseeds, oilseed meals, and edible fats. More than 40 nations and 500 chemists of the finest companies in the oils and fats industries participate. The program objective is to achieve and maintain peak performance of laboratory staff and equipment.

“The results not only express the accuracy of the analytical methods that were used in this program, but are an indication of the high overall proficiency and standard of results reported by the laboratory,” notes Trevor Meredith, Chief Technologist of Solbar. “Attaining this award along with HACCP and ISO 9001 Certifications demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the safety, control and management of manufacturing quality products in accordance with industry expectations worldwide.”

According to Brenner, "Solbar's mission is to create value by the quickness in which we bring unique quality solutions. In a global economic crisis this means developing even better functionalities to reduce processing costs for meat and food producers."

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