Solbar Industries Launches New Website

Solbar Industries announces the launch of its new, interactive and user-friendly website as part of its strategic plan to strengthen its image of a truly customer-oriented company.

The new website – – shows the wide range of soy products Solbar has to offer which improve functional properties, emphasize health benefits and bring economic value. In addition, the site features descriptions of various products and provides detailed technical and nutritional information.

"With the new design we welcome visitors to easily find their way to valuable information and offer the opportunity to contact us with inquiries and sample requests", explains Gary Brenner, Vice President Marketing and Sales at Solbar. "The new look-and-feel reflects Solbar's goal to strengthen our customer orientation."

The new web site comes right after Solbar restructured its core business activities. "We believe the interactive website is an important tool to reach customers worldwide and build close relationships", says Brenner. "Solbar is ready for the new challenge and will grow and prosper together with our customers and become a recognized respected world class supplier of specialty soy proteins and isoflavones to all market segments," Brenner adds.

Solbar Industries Ltd. specializes in functional soy protein concentrates, isolated soy proteins, textured soy concentrates & soy isoflavones.

For further information please contact:

Gary Brenner
VP Marketing & Sales
Solbar Industries Ltd.
POB 2230 Ashdod 77121 ISRAEL
T +972 8 8632111, F +972 8 8561455
[email protected],

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