Solbar introduces 2 new soy proteins for meat applications

Solbar introduces 2 new soy proteins for meat applications

Solbar, a global producer of specialty soy proteins, launches two new products to expand its line for meat and poultry applications.

The introduction will be held at FIE in Paris, booth # 2B47.

“This emphasizes the importance of the meat-processing industry to Solbar”* states Hadas Richter, Solbar R&D Manager. “The meat-processing industry is a traditional soy protein consumer and has always occupied an important position to Solbar’s global operations,” continues Richter. “We’ve made it a point to provide innovative solutions to help make meat processors’ offerings healthier and cost-effective.”

Solbar Q 932 is an isolated soy protein carefully designed by the Solbar R&D team to support protein-enhancement systems applied in whole-muscle meat products.

Leading features, such as low viscosity, high dispersibility, bland flavor and pale color were combined to provide succulence and cost effectiveness to hams, turkey or chicken breast and other muscle-based products. The 90% amino acid balanced protein content complements the nutritional values of the meat. Solbar Q 932 is recommended as a key ingredient in brines, together with flavors and functional components.

Solcon S-210 is a new functional soy-protein concentrate for emulsified and comminuted cured meats, poultry and fish targeted for premium products. It was developed and manufactured at the Solbar production site in Ningbo China after an extended period of examination and evaluation of multiple technological approaches.

Solcon S-210 is a result of advanced, unique technology. It exceeded expectations in water- and fat-holding capacity when tested against its peers and contributes excellent emulsification and gelling properties to comminuted meat products as well as to meat analogues. Solcon S-210 will be commercially available by the end of 2011.

“Solcon S-210 is applicable for a wide range of products requiring high protein and strong gelling properties to stabilize meat systems,” says Richter. “It combines the benefits of low viscosity with strong gelling ability to provide firm bite, and contributes to a fibrous and meat-like texture in a wide variety of products.” Solcon S-210 can be easily introduced into most formulations for highly nutritious protein addition. Solbar’s technical team will be glad to provide accurate information related to applying methods and recommended dosage for both products.

Solbar is a global leader in specialty soy proteins and soy isoflavones, going the extra mile to bring soy's natural treasures to the food and dietary supplement markets. The company manufactures a wide range of textured vegetable proteins, soy protein concentrates and soy isolates for meat, vegetarian, health food, nutritional product, snack and beverage applications.

As a research-driven company, Solbar is focused on processing the soybean to produce products with improved functional properties that emphasize health benefits and bring economic value.

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