Solbar introduces advanced textured vegetable protein

Solbar introduces advanced textured vegetable protein

Solbar launches Supertex, the latest innovation in textured vegetable protein products.


Solbar, Israel, a global producer of specialty soy proteins, launches Supertex, the latest innovation in textured vegetable protein products.

Supertex is a specially extruded blend of soy-derived, textured vegetable protein suitable for use in variety of vegetarian and meat-enhancement applications. The product is a blend of high-quality, all-vegetable source ingredients, processed via the twin-screw extruder method. The blend’s proteins form into a configuration that, upon exit from the extruder, expands into a fibrous structure with the texture characteristic of meat.

The result is a juicy, meat-like vegetarian option with excellent textural and chewing qualities, superior water-holding capacity, a neutral taste and pale color manufacturers can customize to fit any number of flavor profiles and identities.

“The major advantage of the product is that it's easy to work with,” notes David Kraus, Solbar's Global Applications Manager. “Instead of sourcing and blending functional soy proteins, textured soy particulates, stabilizers and texturizing agents in-house, food technologists and new-product development managers can use Supertex as an easy and reliable all-in-one solution for vegetarian and meat applications.”

Visitors at FIE show will be able to taste freshly cooked vegetarian canapés featuring this innovative textured vegetable protein at Solbar's booth #2B47, where additional products for beverages and protein bars also will be presented. “These newly developed soy isolate proteins were designed specifically to meet customer’s needs for high protein soy ingredients with neutral flavor profile and improved functionality,” adds Kraus.

Solbar is a global leader in specialty soy proteins and soy isoflavones, going the extra mile to bring soy's natural treasures to the food and dietary supplement markets. The company manufacturers a wide range of textured vegetable proteins, soy protein concentrates and soy isolates for meat, vegetarian, health food, nutritional product, snack and beverage applications.

As a research-driven company, Solbar is focused on processing the soybean to produce products with improved functional properties that emphasize health benefits and bring economic value. The company meets the very highest standards of quality assurance for its customers.

Visit us at booth 2B47


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