Solid Gains Protein Shake New to HDT Line

PHOENIX, AZ - M.D. Labs announced the release of a new high calorie, high protein weight gainer drink under its Human Development Technologies (HDT) line. Solid Gains contains 5.8 pounds of the number one selling protein blend (Pro Blend 55), along with optimum ratios of carbohydrates and fats, 11 grams of branch chain amino acids and 3 grams of essential fatty acids from flax seeds. Solid Gains is packaged in a large wide mouth canister with an easy built-in carry handle.

HDT will be positioning the product as a premium item that includes a time released blend of instantized whey protein isolates, egg protein and milk protein to deliver 60 grams protein per serving which is aspartame free and mixes easily without the use of a blender. Solid Gains also delivers 100 grams of carbohydrates with only 6 grams of sugar.

"This puts Solid Gains in the 'weight gainer' category as opposed to the sugar laden 'waist gainer' products currently available in the market," said Chris La Fleur, Vice President of Marketing. Completing the formula with a supporting cast of anti-catabolic/anabolic nutrients, Solid Gains expects to quickly gain acceptance as the leader in muscle gaining protein powders. Available in chocolate fudge and vanilla cream, this product is lactose free and tastes great. M.D. Labs has been marketing several successful protein drinks under the HDT line, and is excited to enter the weight gainer category. The product begins shipping immediately. Ordering information can be obtained by calling M.D. Labs at (800) 255-2690.

According to La Fleur, "The weight gainer category has always been dominated by young athletes, beginning body builders and others struggling to put on additional weight. With the latest scientific advancements in protein powder formulations, we feel Solid Gains will complement this market and open itself up to more experienced and nutritional savvy supplement users. Solid Gains is a superior product and the weight gainer category is posed for significant growth in the future as more people opt for a healthy way to increase weight."

The market for protein drinks includes several segments: High-quality expensive whey protein isolates, blended protein sources, single protein sources, high calorie/high protein (weight gainer) and economy products. The HDT line has heretofore focused primarily on the blended protein and economy protein segments. Solid Gains represents the company's initial expansion into the weight gainer segment.

M.D. Labs is a leading manufacturer of unique and high quality sports nutrition and herbal supplements. All M.D. Labs products are based on credible research and superior nutrients in the most efficacious formulations. The Company has established itself as one of the most dynamic companies in the industry as a result of its unique products and commitment to healthy living.

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