Solo GI(TM) Slow Carb Bars Awarded Golden Egg for Nutrition Innovation

EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada, July 21, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Solo GI(TM) Nutrition (, a subsidiary of New Era Nutrition and makers of Solo GI(TM) bars, the first clinically validated low glycemic line of nutrition bars on the market, is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious GOLDEN EGG AWARD for The Most Innovative Product launched in the US in 2004 from The Specialty Nutrition Group.

Saul Katz, President and CEO of Solo GI Nutrition, was honored by industry leaders at the 8th Annual Newport Summit -- Nutrition & Natural Products Industry Leaders Retreat July 20-22, 2005, held at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel in Dana Point, California. The conference, hosted by New Hope/Nutrition Business Journal, served as what has become an annual conclave of business leaders and trendsetters in the nutrition industry.

"We are thrilled that Solo bars are being recognized as the most innovative product," says Katz. "Low glycemic nutrition is the natural evolution of the low-carb trend, and the key to resolving the growing epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Because 'taste rules,' we made the Solo GI(TM) bars indulgent, so consumers can reach for a nutritionally balanced Solo GI bar instead of the high GI bars or snacks they currently consume. Four delicious flavors made with a proprietary blend of good fats, good protein and dietary fiber make it easy for consumers to adopt a healthy low glycemic lifestyle, helping them to mange their blood sugar, energy levels, carvings and ultimately their health."

According to Greg Horn, president of The Specialty Nutrition Group, "Solo GI Low Glycemic Nutrition Bars have received the Golden Egg Award for 2004 because they address the growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes with healthy, great-tasting nutrition products that are science-based, safe and efficacious." He adds that his company recognizes innovation, and that the Golden Egg award is designed to raise the profile of innovators. Solo was judged against numerous other products, using strict criteria including innovativeness, science, performance, and meeting a need in the marketplace.

A scientific consensus is emerging with low glycemic nutrition providing closure to the carb debate and clarity to consumer confusion as to whether carbs are good or bad for them. "Not all carbs are created equal," says Katz. "The slow carb, low glycemic process, helps to re-educate consumers as to the relationship between carbs and -- energy, weight management and disease prevention. Good carbs are an important source of nutrients, energy, anti- oxidants and fiber, provided they are digested slowly and keep blood sugar in a normal range."

Low glycemic nutrition, "moving from low carbs to slooow carbs(TM)", has eclipsed the low carb fad as a more sensible, healthier approach to eating. It is a system that allows dietary carbohydrates to be digested and absorbed slowly into the blood stream, preventing blood sugar spikes and crashes with the associated cravings one gets from foods high in refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour, and providing more sustained energy and satiety. Low glycemic nutrition has been receiving accolades around the world from nutrition experts and media alike. The Natural Marketing Institute recently predicted that shifting from "low carb to slow carb" would be one of the top ten 2005 trends in health and wellness food marketing.

"Solo-GI is pleased to be leading a paradigm shift helping consumers to live a healthier lifestyle and manage their weight. The 'magic' of the Solo bars is that we have done all the work for the consumer and the glycemic index of each bar is calorie-controlled and independently, clinically validated with a very low GI value between 22-28," concludes Katz.

Solo GI bars are the result of over ten years of extensive scientific research, and contain a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that balance good carbs and good fats, providing a delicious, convenient way for people to follow a low glycemic lifestyle. They are available nationally at select grocery and natural foods stores including Whole Foods Markets and Kroger Supermarkets, Solo-GI bars come in four delicious flavors: Peanut Power, Chocolate Charge, Mint Mania and Berry Bliss and retail for $1.69-1.99 per bar

Alberta-Canada based SOLO GI(TM) Nutrition is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Era Nutrition (, leaders in functional food research and development. Solo GI Nutrition is committed to developing low glycemic products that offer superior food choices to help consumers achieve personal goals in weight management and healthy living. For more information, visit

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