SOLO GI(TM)(Glycemic Index*) -- A Solution to the Low-Carb Controversy

The Natural Evolution of the Low-Carbohydrate Lifestyle

Low Glycemic nutrition is being hailed as “the most significant dietary finding of the last 25 years”
Jennie Brand-Miller, Ph.D. and co-author of the Glucose Revolution.

April 22, 2004--The recent market introduction of SOLO GI™ Advantage bars has captured the attention of the low-carb industry. Of the hundreds of low-carb exhibitors at Natural Products Expo West, the nation’s largest natural food exposition, only SOLO GI Nutrition rose up to proclaim the benefits of low glycemic index nutrition, starting the wave for the next evolution of the low-carb lifestyle. This was not lost on astute brokers, distributors and retailers who lined up at the SOLO GI™ booth to share their vision of the imminent low glycemic revolution.

Industry experts agree that “on the heels of the low carbohydrate phenomenon, low GI foods are about to stimulate a trend that will define healthy eating habits for generations to come” as stated by Bill Weiland President of Presence Marketing and Sales. He goes on to say that SOLO GI Nutrition has “positioned the brand to enter the market accompanied by an unprecedented buzz regarding weight management and balanced energy levels.” SOLO GI™ Advantage bars “provide carb-conscious consumers with the next new wave of energy and diet products,” says Steve Reed VP of Advantage Sales and Marketing. He agrees that SOLO GI Nutrition is at the “forefront of the industry, raising the bar and challenging the low-carb explosion.“

New SOLO GI™ Advantage bars, in three delicious flavors (Lemon Lift, Berry Bliss and Peanut Power), will help consumers join the glycemic revolution. These energy and weight management bars are intended to provide Atkins™ and Zone followers, with the added benefits associated with the SOLO GI™ Advantage, including low glycemic nutrition, natural ingredients and great taste. Glycemic Index Testing Inc. validated the SOLO GI™ Lemon Lift Bar at an amazing 26 on the glycemic index scale.

The American Heart Association recently warned that low-carb diets can be dangerous and may increase the risk of stroke and heart disease. With the growing tide of controversy over no-carb / low-carb dieting, the booming weight management industry has been searching for a safe and sustainable approach.

“Consumers are confused,” states Saul Katz, President and CEO of SOLO GI Nutrition, “they don’t want to risk their health to lose weight. We address this dilemma with science-based products that present consumers with safe and effective solutions. Science is demonstrating that low GI nutrition is “key” to consumers managing their energy, their weight and ultimately their health.”

The SOLO GI™ Advantage applies patent pending low glycemic technology to develop healthful solutions. While low-carb advocates focus on “net-carbs” or ‘impact carbs”, SOLO GI Nutrition scientists assess such factors as the glycemic index of ingredients, their impact on blood sugar in the body, and the glycemic load of each serving. Solo GI™ products provide the sustained energy and prolonged hunger satisfaction, which is the right combination for weight management.

The glycemic index reflects the rate at which sugar is released into the blood stream and the slower this occurs, the better. Low GI foods prevent the peak, crash and craving that can result from a rapid rise in blood sugar. “High glycemic foods raise blood sugar levels after meals and generally provoke an elevated insulin response. Consequently, the body converts excess sugar into fat storage for later use,” says Dr. Vladimir Vuksan, Chair of the National Nutrition Committee of the Canadian Diabetes Association and SOLO GI™ guest speaker in Anaheim. “ The resulting peak, crash and craving cycle” he continues, “has contributed to the current epidemic of diabetes and obesity. Low GI nutrition offers a safe, effective and long term approach to weight management, control of diabetes and improvement of overall health.”

Retailers and consumers can obtain information and purchase Solo GI™ Advantage bars through or by calling 1-866-SO-LOW-GI (1-866-765-6944).

About Solo GI Nutrition Inc.:
SOLO GI Nutrition is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Era Nutrition, leaders in functional food research and development. At Solo GI Nutrition, we care about the well-being of people. We strive to provide superior snack choices to help achieve your personal goals in weight management and healthy living. As leaders in the research and development of low glycemic index foods*, we feel strongly about the benefits of properly designed low GI products. By applying our patent pending low glycemic index technology in the Solo GI™ line of nutrition products, we are "raising the bar" for healthy, natural, great tasting and nutritious snacks. Snack Right. Live Better.™

*The glycemic index reflects the rate at which sugar is released into the bloodstream and the slower this occurs, the better. Unlike refined carbohydrates, low GI carbs are digested slowly and allow a gradual release of sugar into the bloodstream. A rating below 55 on the GI scale is considered low. All Solo GI™ products are low GI.

Atkins™ is the property of Atkins Nutritional, Inc.
Solo GI™ and Snack Right. Live Better ™ are the trademarks of Solo GI Nutrition Inc.

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