Soluble Strip Vitamins Launched by Momentus Solutions(TM), LLC

MARLTON, N.J., Dec 20, 2004 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Momentus Solutions(TM), LLC, a New Jersey-based company, has recently launched Healthy Moments(R) Health Strips(TM), a revolutionary way for adults, tweens and children to meet their 100% Recommended Dietary Intake with ease and convenience via flavored, micro- thin soluble strips that dissolve on the tongue.

Healthy Moments(R) Health Strips(TM) offers time-starved adults and young picky eaters an innovative, melt-in-your-mouth delivery system of vitamins, minerals, herbals and wellness products. The children's vitamin line is offered in eight flavors ranging from Awesome Orange(TM) to Wacky Watermelon(TM), and the tween line (V-Teen(TM)) offers Orange and Smooth Mint Madness(TM) flavors. Adult lines of vitamins, minerals, herbals and wellness products feature flavors such as Mint Cream, Orange Breeze(TM) and Margarita Lime. All products come in a conveniently packaged four-week supply.

The Healthy Moments(R) Health Strips(TM) product line, produced after a three-year research and development process, consists of eight vitamin and supplement strip varieties for children, two for tweens and six for adults. Health Strips(TM) products have been extensively evaluated by doctors and other healthcare experts. The children's line has been reviewed by SRS International, a globally recognized scientific organization in Washington, D.C. and is "Pediatrician Accepted."

Competitively priced, Healthy Moments(R) Health Strips(TM), are on shelves in 8,000 leading supermarket, drug and mass market outlets including retail giant Target and will be in 50,000 stores by end of first quarter 2005, including Wal-Mart and Rite Aid.

The Health Strips(TM) children's vitamin line is marketed under the popular award-winning children's PBS cartoon Arthur(R), as well as Mattel's Barbie(R) and Hot Wheels(R).

The V-teen(TM) Health Strips(TM) are for the "instant gratification" tween consumer of foods and snacks along with other low-nutrient foods simply because they taste good. According to a large-panel focus group, the flavorful, convenient strips are ideal for toddlers, tweens and teens who cannot swallow pills or who may be too "grown-up" for chewables.

For the on-the-go adults, Health Strips(TM) provides a "grab-and-go" dietary supplement solution that is compact and travel-friendly. A recent survey by The Gallup study projected that 150 million people will use vitamins and nutritional supplements in 2005 with an estimated $10 billion in annual sales.

In-home users now have a non-pill/tablet dosing option to meet their daily intake needs. According to the nutrition and scientific journal Nutrition Today, the adult interest in health and longevity has set the stage for increased use of vitamin/mineral supplements.

Broadening the company's soluble strip base, Momentus Solutions(TM), LLC will soon be offering caffeine strips called Zippers and a Health Strip line for seniors.

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