SoluBlend Technologies Launches Novel Patented Technology For Foods and Beverages

SoluBlend Technologies LLC has launched a new technology that allows manufacturers of beverages as well as frozen, refrigerated, packaged and baked foods the ability to formulate healthy products with fat-soluble ingredients converted to water-soluble lipids. SoluBlend Technologies will showcase the technology at Natural Products Expo West booth #5385.

SoluBlend Technologies has a patented, proprietary technology that allows popular nutraceuticals such as Omega 3 fatty acids, plant-based phytosterols, Resveratrol, Coenzyme Q10 and natural vitamin E to be incorporated into a variety of consumables as water-soluble lipids, opening up opportunities to provide shelf-stable value-added foods and beverages.

“Our new technology allows popular heart-healthy fat-soluble ingredients that were notoriously hard to work in many food and beverage matrices to be added to clear and transparent functional beverages and foods without any adverse impact on clarity, taste, texture or appearance,” said Richard Staack, CEO of SoluBlend Technologies. “Further, manufacturers can take advantage of the volumes of research demonstrating actual health benefit of specific doses, by incorporating these actives at those efficacious levels -- at cost-effective price per serving.”

SoluBlend Technologies LLC, founded in 2009, is the patent holder and manufacturer of this conversion technology. “In conversations with several key-brand formulators, we learned how attractive this technology is, as it allows R&D to take full advantage of the growing functional food marketplace with innovative tasty and healthy foods that can finally perform at levels cited by specific research,” Staack remarked.

Staack added that SoluBlend’s new technology is expected to have significant lasting impact in the beverage industry, allowing functional oils to be incorporated into beverages without affecting the actives or their health benefits. The traditional methods of adding oils into water-based products and foods are limited to certain types of opaque beverages and amount to higher costs per serving.

“Not only does our new technology allow the functional oils to be added to any and all beverages without impacting the finished product, the cost is much lower than that of the other technologies developed for beverages by as much as five times,” Staack emphasized.

SoluBlend Technologies is presently developing other functional oils for the food and beverage markets.

For more information please stop by booth number # 5385 at Expo West or contact https://[email protected], or call 1 815 534 5778.

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