SourceOne Expands Sytrinol(TM) Distribution to Japan and China

Partnership with Beijing Ginkgo Group evolves with deeper commitments

CHICAGO, IL—Jesse R. Lopez, founder and CEO of SourceOne™ Global Partners, has announced that SourceOne is broadening its strategic alliance with China’s Beijing Ginkgo Group to include a partnership for the distribution of Sytrinol™ throughout Japan and China.

Earlier this year, SourceOne announced that it signed an agreement to be the exclusive marketer of Ginkgo Group’s Ginnovay family of cardiovascular support compounds in North America, Europe and Australia. “We have grown closer through our experience with the Beijing Ginkgo Group team and have an even greater trust and respect for their leadership and their ability to be an effective partner with SourceOne. Beijing Ginkgo Group continues to bring new technology and innovative compounds to SourceOne, who bring it to market,” Lopez asserts. “We will utilize their relationships now to further enhance and solidify our successful market penetration throughout Japan and China.”

Li Chunhua, Chairman of the Board of Beijing Ginkgo Group adds, "We have been very pleased with the integrity and keen marketing intelligence of SourceOne since the beginning of our strategic partnership, and remain honored to have been selected as a close partner. SourceOne’s reputation and skills in providing effective natural solutions to a competitive marketplace are unsurpassed, making it a perfect complement to our basic position as a manufacturer of tocotrienols, phytosterols and other natural-source vitamin E products to bring consumers trustworthy and efficacious cardiovascular solutions.”

Joe Zannoni, VP Sales & Marketing of Beijing Gingko Group, adds that the awareness and market penetration of SourceOne’s flagship compound Sytrinol™ and the heart health benefits it delivers “is growing worldwide. Together, we are positioned to bring this outstanding product to consumers in China and Japan.”

Beijing Ginkgo Group is a leading manufacturer of natural source ingredients and one of the top natural medicine manufacturers in China and in the world. Their Ginnovay™ family of natural-source products include, but are not limited to, IP non-GMO mixed tocopherols, IP non-GMO phytosterols, palm tocotrienols, rice tocotrienols and other technologically advanced ingredients. In addition to being produced under strict GMP manufacturing guidelines, these products are Kosher Certified and GMO free.

SourceOne™ Global Partners represents a new breed of ingredient supplier, partnering with manufacturing clients to introduce powerfully branded, science-driven products to market with a unique product positioning and compelling consumer presence. SourceOne was conceived as a company whose core competence is to integrate legitimate science with strong trade and consumer branding. SourceOne™ Global Partners cultivates relationships with leading suppliers worldwide to source and offer patented ingredients supported by proprietary science as part of a turnkey marketing program that dramatically increases the odds for marketing success.

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