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SourceOne(TM) Extends Exclusive Marketing Agreement For LJ100(TM) Tongkat Ali

Chicago, IL— Confirming its ability to leverage its supply chain relationships in the nutraceuticals industry, SourceOne™ Global Partners has been awarded with an extension of its agreement for the rights to exclusively market and sell LJ100™ Tongkat Ali. LJ100 is a proprietary, patented ingredient, and has become recognized as the premier brand of Eurycoma longifolia for supplements that build and tone muscles, boost energy levels, decrease body fat, slow the aging process, and increase libido for health-conscience consumers.

Jesse Lopez, president and CEO of SourceOne, comments, “We are very pleased to have been awarded this exclusive agreement to market and sell this premier ingredient. SourceOne is committed to delivering science-based ingredients to our brand partners in the nutraceutical industry. The new clinical study we recently completed provides new and compelling scientific evidence that supports the multiple health benefits that our proprietary LJ100 Tongkat Ali delivers. This exciting, new evidence from the study will be well-received in the market place.”

LJ100 is a proprietary and highly potent form of Eurycoma longifolia, a product that significantly improves strength and endurance. LJ100 has undergone an exclusive, patented extraction process to capture the most potent, biologically active compounds. The new clinical study shows that LJ100 not only positively impacts testosterone levels, but also improves ratios of cortisol to testosterone, which is a key factor in physical performance.

“This new science holds significant potential for the sports nutrition and weight loss markets,” Jim Roza, Vice President of Business Development Technology and Science for SourceOne, states. “The clinical results are compelling, and will be presented at an international nutrition science conference later this year.”

“We have extended the exclusive agreement with SourceOne because of their extensive knowledge of the industry and proven success marketing proprietary branded ingredients,” says Annie Eng, president of HPI. “Establishing a presence in a marketplace is not an easy task, but SourceOne has had great success with LJ100 sales, and we look forward to watching LJ100 continue to increase as its brand awareness with consumers is growing more each day.”

As consumer awareness is continuing to grow with all of SourceOne’s products, the Healthy Living Channel has recently announced that LJ100 will be featured on the second episode of the Medicine Hunter television series, developed and hosted by ethnobotanist, author and lecturer Chris Kilham. The show will air in the second quarter and is available in 12.3 million homes throughout the U.S. This will be SourceOne’s second patented ingredient in 2006 that the Healthy Living Channel has featured as heart healthy ingredient, Sytrinol™, is currently being featured on Today’s Health, hosted by Chris Evert. Sytrinol is a proprietary ingredient derived from natural citrus polymethoxylated flavones and palm tocotrienols that SourceOne has licensed the exclusive worldwide rights to market for use in heart healthy dietary supplement formulas.

About SourceOneÔ Global Partners
SourceOne™ Global Partners, headquartered in Chicago, IL, represents a new breed of ingredient supplier, partnering with manufacturing clients to introduce powerfully branded, science-driven products to market with unique product positioning and compelling consumer presence. SourceOne was conceived as a company whose core competency would be to integrate legitimate science with strong trade and consumer branding. They partner with leading suppliers worldwide to source and offer patented ingredients supported by proprietary science as part of turnkey marketing program that dramatically increases the odds for market success.

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