SourceOne(TM) Introduces New Corporate Look

CHICAGO – A redesigned logo that signifies innovative approaches to superior quality dietary supplement compounds for human health and wellness has been unveiled by SourceOne Global Partners. This is followed closely by website construction to incorporate the new personality and trade dress, illuminating SourceOne’s strengths in scientific innovation, ingredient bundling for formulation and its team of industry veteran executives.

“SourceOne has indeed come a long way,” expresses Jesse R. Lopez, Founder and CEO. “For any business to move beyond survival and truly thrive, it must reflect its ability to adapt and lead in its chosen market. I believe, through our newly solidified team of industry leading executives, plus the strength of our core branded ingredients such as Sytrinol™, we have reached the time to invest in revising our own corporate identity to lead us more clearly in being identified as a leader in the dietary supplement and functional foods industry.”

The logo features bolder type, reflecting the strong foundation SourceOne has built, and is a dual hue of clean, saturated blue and green – the two colors associated with the purity and goodness of nature – signifying the pristine organic derivations of its product portfolio.

Veteran Creative Director Kevin McConkey, principal of Chicago-based Grip Design and originator of SourceOne’s logo, comments, “Lying at the heart of logo creation for a company as complex as SourceOne is effectively communicating the consistent level of quality it brings to every project. The mark must convey the natural elements of the Earth, as well as provide an emotional shortcut for consumers who shop by brand. The result of our work is an identity that positions SourceOne as the ‘Intel Inside’ of Nutraceuticals.”

James Roza Vice President of business development, science and technology for SourceOne added “The key to long term health and wellness is integrating an active lifestyle, a wholesome diet, and nutritional supplements with clinically proven benefits. We remain true to our commitment and vision of being the #1 source for providing the newest and best health and nutrition solutions to the nutraceutical industry.”

About SourceOne™ Global Partners
SourceOne™ Global Partners, headquartered in Chicago, IL, represents a new breed of ingredient supplier, partnering with manufacturing clients to introduce powerfully branded, science-driven products to market with unique product positioning and compelling consumer presence. SourceOne was conceived as a company whose core competency would be to integrate legitimate science with strong trade and consumer branding. They partner with leading suppliers worldwide to source and offer patented ingredients supported by proprietary science as part of turnkey marketing program that dramatically increases the odds for market success.

For further information on SourceOne™ Global Partners, visit or contact Liz Querio at 312.321.8222 or [email protected].

Liz Querio
(312) 321-8226

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