South Africa’s USN, UK’s Sign Deal

South Africa's number one selling sports nutrition brand USN and UK's have committed to a 2-year deal in which the companies will work together to fight for better fitness in Britain.

USN will be joining forces with Famously Fit to ensure the online facility continues to provide free quality sensible information to people who need to understand their bodies and how to live healthy lifestyles.

Fully qualified personal trainer Lee Latchford Evans, star of former pop group Steps, founded in 2009 to provide a free health and fitness resource for the public to engage with to shape up and adopt healthier living and is delighted with its ever growing popularity. Lee says "I am thrilled with the continued growth of and am delighted to be working with USN to drive the message home that fitness isn't just about vanity, it's about living a longer, healthier and happier life".

"South Africa has a lot to teach us. They take the route to fitness very seriously and this has been proven in this year's World Cup. We are witnessing some surprise results and seeing the ever growing African Nations stand strong against the best of the best.

USN Director Jason Oakley says: "In South Africa sports nutritional supplements are widely used to improve energy levels, increase wellbeing, reduce obesity and promote a healthier lifestyle. We are pleased to be able to work with FamouslyFit and Lee to make a positive impact on Britain's approach to health and fitness."

See for details on USN business.

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