Soy Z-Trim and Non-GMO Oat Z-Trim Expand FiberGel's Line of Fat Replacers

European and Asian markets, which are typically interested in food products that are classified as non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMO), can now cut the fats and calories in their foods with non-GMO oat Z-Trim.

FiberGel Technologies, a subsidiary of Circle Group Holdings (Amex: CXN), launched its new non-GMO oat Z-Trim and soy Z-Trim this week.

The new lines enable FiberGel to broaden its markets for its zero calorie specialty food ingredient, which can be used to replace percentages of fats in most recipes while adding nutritious dietary fiber. The new Z-Trim options will be produced at the Company's production facility in Mundelein using separate production lines.

"Due to the strong interest in Z-Trim from Europe and Asia, we have launched the new group of products to meet their rigorous requirements," said Rick Harris, VP of sales and marketing for FiberGel Technologies, Inc. "The new lines are already generating interest from new companies, as well as from those with whom we have an ongoing relationship," he said.. "Our international partner, DKSH, a firm with over 140 years of experience, will be heading up our sales and marketing in Europe."

The announcement was made over the weekend at the annual Institute of Food Technologists show and expo, the largest food ingredient show in the world. The show is for food scientists and related professionals, and this year features an estimated 1000 exhibitors, 1800 presentations, 55 symposia and 20,000 attendees.

Z-TRIM Product Line
The Z-TRIM product line consists of Z-TRIM zero calorie fat replacing Gel, Z-TRIM zero calorie fat replacing Powder, DON’T WORRY EAT HAPPY PAPAYA SEED GOURMET DRESSING (50% less fat and 40% fewer calories), DON’T WORRY EAT HAPPY Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies (25% less fat and calories), DON’T WORRY EAT HAPPY Outrageous Oatmeal Cookies (25% less fat and calories), DON’T WORRY EAT HAPPY Phenomenal Fudge Brownie (33% less fat and cholesterol free), DON’T WORRY EAT HAPPY Premium Flour Blend (25% less fat, 80% less carbs, 10 times the fiber), NATS and NATS FOR PALM OS.

FiberGel owns the worldwide rights to Z-TRIM for all fields of use. Invented over many years by Outstanding Senior Research Scientist Dr. George Inglett ( ) at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Z-TRIM is a patented, zero calorie, multi-functional, fiber food ingredient from corn that lowers carbohydrates, calories, and fat in most foods without affecting taste or texture. For more information about FIBERGEL TECHNOLOGIES or to order the product, visit

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