Soyfoods Summit will prep for market expansion

Soyfoods Summit will prep for market expansion

Designed to uncover new and strategic ways to use and market soy to increase its consumption, this event will feature food technologists, nutrition specialists and senior marketing professionals.

After 20 years of steady success, the soy industry is now facing a worldwide demand that requires a 50 percent increase in protein by 2030. The industry must continue striving for even greater yields to meet this growing demand while differentiating soy products and services in the global marketplace. Soy has carved out a niche as a healthy alternative and functional food but the introduction of new varieties of foods that also meet these criteria is a potential threat to the soy industry’s market share.

At this event, uniquely designed to uncover new and strategic ways for the use and marketing of soy to increase its consumption, you will meet food technologists, nutrition specialists and senior marketing professionals. These industry thought leaders will be working together to not only develop the role of soy in the retail food and beverage market but also enhance consumer understanding of soybeans and their potential health benefits.

The Soyfoods Summit, set for July 30 to August 1, 2012, in Chicago, will discuss and develop techniques to not only overcome misconceptions about potential health risks of soy but also how to effectively meet the increasingly high standards for food and beverage held by the consumer marketplace.

This unique platform will provide its participants with better strategies for:

  • Leveraging consumer health and food consumption trends in soyfood communications and product offerings
  • Promoting soy as a means of boosting daily nutrition intake
  • Understanding how retail buyers evaluate meat alternatives, non-dairy beverages and healthful snacks
  • Addressing the influence of social media or flawed science about soy foods and how to counteract the spread of misinformation
  • Mitigating negative perceptions of soy in the consumer marketplace
  • Maintaining and growing the soy industry’s market share in the retail market
  • Competing with other healthy food alternatives
  • Understanding the role of soy in fighting world hunger and the increasing demand for global food supply

IQPC’s Soy Market Expansion Summit is your best tool available in 2012 for enhancing your soy product portfolio in innovative ways that will increase your retail market share.


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