SoyLife based menopause supplement launched in Israel

SoyLife based menopause supplement launched in Israel

Advanced formula of Magnolia is based on Frutarom's SoyLife, a proprietary soy germ extract enriched with magnesium.

Magnolia, a new product designed to support well-being of women experiencing menopausal symptoms, was recently launched by Maabarot Products Ltd.’s Ta’am Teva Altman, a leading Israeli nutritional supplement company. The advanced formula of Magnolia is based on SoyLife®, a proprietary soy germ extract produced by Frutarom Ltd. enriched with magnesium.

Teva Altman has selected SoyLife because, with more than 35 scientific studies in the past 10 years, it is the most researched, outstanding source of soy germ isoflavones available”, notes Ronit Shick, Commercial Manager for Health Ingredients at Frutarom. “Along with the growing demand for natural solutions, we anticipate that SoyLife- based Magnolia will become the supplement of choice for women and caregivers. The secret of SoyLife comes from its origin – the soy germ, which is the “heart” of the bean and provides, in addition to the complete spectrum of natural soy compounds, the soy matrix. In contrast to a whole soybean extract, a germ extract is rich in the isoflavone daidzein, considered one of the most active constituents in soy. SoyLife, which is standardized on isoflavone content, has been extensively investigated in multiple scientific studies that demonstrated its  efficacy and safety. In addition to supporting the well-being of women by alleviating menopausal symptoms (such as hot flashes), recent studies demonstrated the benefits of SoyLife in bone health and heart health.

For more information, please visit the new SoyLife website at

Magnolia was presented at the Israeli Menopause Society's annual meeting in August 31, 2012, where Frutarom organized the session on “Soy safety and awareness”.

The product will be initially marketed through professional channels with a special focus on menopause specialists. Magnolia will be available in about 1,000 health stores and pharmacies.

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