Spherix offers one-on-one consultations at SSW

Spherix offers one-on-one consultations at SSW

Company has a proven record with 18 GRAS notifications and over 60 GRAS self-determinations.

You probably know about the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) approach to ingredients, but do you really understand what it takes to construct a successful GRAS dossier either for a Self-Determination or a Notification to the Food and Drug Administration? Would you benefit from an analysis of your data to determine if your ingredient or product will obtain a successful GRAS Self-Determination or Notification? What about marketing your ingredient for companion animal nutrition? Are you looking to evaluate the data that support the label claims for your ingredient or product? Our expert consultants can assist you with these needs and much more.

Spherix Consulting has board certified toxicologists, and experts in nutritional science, food safety, immunology, cell biology, chemical process engineering and pharmacognosy. Our international network of consultants provides global support for your products and ingredients. We use our expertise in scientific and regulatory affairs to design and implement a successful strategy for your ingredient approval. Our product experience encompasses work on lipophilic compounds, complex carbohydrates and sweeteners, vitamins, minerals, proteins, prebiotics, probiotics, fermentation products, botanicals and natural products, bacteriophages and antimicrobials. We have a proven record with 18 GRAS Notifications and over 60 GRAS Self-Determinations.

Why not sign up for an appointment to speak with our team at Supply Side West (SSW) in Las Vegas about your unique needs? We will be at SSW from the afternoon of Tuesday, Nov. 6 through the early morning of Friday, Nov. 9. Email [email protected] or call (240) 565 5501 (cell) to arrange a one-on-one consultation. Let us show you how Spherix can help you make the best science-based decisions for your company and your customers.

We look forward to meeting you at Supply Side West!


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