A Sporting Supply Expo

To many, the backbone of the nutrition industry has always been weight loss, followed by sports nutrition. So in this, one of our largest issues of the year, we offer an in-depth review of cutting-edge science on these fast-growing sectors (Science Review), concurrent with the industry's biggest show, SupplyExpo and Natural Products Expo West, where you'll find many of the ingredients now entering the marketplace.

SupplyExpo has grown exponentially since it was first launched, a marker of the growing importance and value manufacturers of supplements, beverages and foods place on their suppliers. In the wake of GMP legislation, with the lion's share of legal onus on manufacturers alone to maintain quality standards, manufacturers are looking ever more diligently at suppliers they can trust to source reliably high-quality raw materials.

SupplyExpo, especially placed as it is at the hub of the industry, with all the leading finished-goods manufacturers present at the Anaheim Convention Center, offers the hottest new ingredients, in-depth educational seminars, networking opportunities and the legendary parties the event has become famous for. See our special preview showcasing major highlights of SupplyExpo and Nutracon.

The latest movers and shakers across the sports-nutrition and weight-loss categories include the emerging 'natural' sector. Consumers are looking for all things to be natural (if not organic), and new research is demonstrating the value of superfruits for their ability to enhance performance parameters, dairy-derived ingredients for their unique attributes and natural products for the weight-management sector.

Two separate and distinct applications areas for the delivery of sports nutrients are nutrition bars and energy drinks. We cover these areas in this issue as well — from product-differentiation strategies to analysts' predictions of the next big thing in energy-drink concepts, and individual ingredients to use in your next new product launch.

And especially in the sports world, protein is recognised as the macronutrient of choice. Of course, proteins comprise individual amino acids, and we delve into these in our Ingredient Focus feature.

This month we also devote special attention to contract manufacturing, profiling some leading companies in the sector (Gold Standard), while our regular quarterly column looks at some of the fine details to consider under the new GMPs.

With our expanded coverage of all things related to the sports-nutrition and weight- management sectors, we trust you will find this issue as valuable to your new product-development efforts as SupplyExpo and Natural Products Expo West.

Peter Sofroniou
Editorial Director

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