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Sprunk-Jansen Expands Training Program

The pioneers in creating the movement to bring Greek-Arabic herbal medicine to the United States, Petaluma, CA–based Sprunk-Jansen LLC, is proud to announce the expansion of their regional training program throughout the country as a show of support to retailers everywhere. The company’s President, Ulrik Breval Carlsson, stated, “We're very happy to announce this expansion; as our current retailers know, we are 100% committed to carrying out comprehensive, educational staff trainings for all natural food chains and key independents that carry Sprunk-Jansen products.”

Six New Trainers “Hit the Road”

The new trainers added to the Sprunk-Jansen team were meticulously selected from hundreds of applicants, and were exhaustively screened prior to being hired. All six have extensive experience in natural products, herbs and/or health-related fields. They will provide comprehensive staff trainings on our product line in these states where Sprunk-Jansen has significant retail presence: Florida, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Washington (state), and Illinois. The company has plans to add more trainers – and have more news from out in the fields – very soon.

The rigorous training seminars for these new trainers were held during the month of May at the corporate offices in Petaluma, CA. The company is confident that each and every one of these people will l do an excellent job on behalf of Sprunk-Jansen and their line of unique Greek-Arabic herbal products.

The launch of this new regional trainer program is one of the company’s most important initiatives. It is designed to help all retail staffs in health food stores across the country to focus on how safe – and efficacious – these uniquely different herbal remedies are. At the same time, these trainers will provide the educational level that is needed to create a deeper understanding of the Greek-Arabic herbal system.

Sprunk-Jansen Formulas – No More Than Four: That’s All It Takes

Each Sprunk-Jansen formula contains no more than four active herbal ingredients. Why? That’s all it takes when the formulas are based on the profound knowledge of the correct use of plants in traditional Greek-Arabic medicine. And today, Sprunk-Jansen is the leader in Greek-Arabic botanical healthcare solutions.

All Sprunk-Jansen’s products are customized herbal combinations that work on different aspects of a health condition, ensuring a synergistic effect. The formulas are proven and easy to explain. The company uses only select parts of the herbs, optimum extraction methods, and ensures the highest concentration of active ingredients. Furthermore, each remedy has been thoroughly validated by clinical research and comprehensively tested for safety and efficacy.

Founder Erik Sprunk-Jansen said of his comprehensively tested formulas “Having worked in both orthodox and herbal medicine, I believe the two disciplines should work alongside each other to benefit all people.” This is obviously true in measuring WEIGHLEVEL’s success. “Not only do these [Greek-Arabic] formulas work, they’re also different from anything else you can find.”

About Sprunk-Jansen

Sprunk Jansen was founded by pharmaceutical executive Erik Sprunk-Jansen in 2004 to create safer botanical therapeutic formulas to support human health and well being. All Sprunk- Jansen herbal supplements are based on Greek-Arabic medicine, one of the most enduring and well researched modalities of healing in the world. The company’s vision is simple: To put herbal remedies back on the map where they belong – to work alongside modern medicine and in harmony with it. For more information, please visit and call 888-977-7865.

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