Standards Remain High at Jedwards International

Several suppliers of 18/12 fish oil have decided to abandon the traditional spec and instead promote a 30% total omega-3 product. The driving force behind this move has been the dramatic increase in demand for fish oil, both for supplements as well as the aquaculture industry, as well as a natural cyclical issue creating a temporary paucity of supply of DHA oil. The new 30% oils being promoted have very broad specs to allow for the use of a wide variety of previously substandard marine oils. Furthermore, these oils are going to have a random level of EPA and DHA and will most likely be greatly lacking in DHA. In many circles DHA is considered the more crucial of the omega-3 fatty acids.

Jedwards International together with its Norwegian partner, the GC Rieber Group, are major suppliers of 18/12 fish oil to the North American market. While other suppliers in the market have run short on quality and quantity, Jedwards and the GC Rieber Group have been able to supply the highest quality 18/12 Omega-3 Fish Oil due to a superior and comprehensive global supply network. For more information please visit

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