Statement From David Brown, President and CEO of Metabolife International

Ephedra Education Council
The Ephedra Education Council (EEC) provides factual information about dietary supplements containing Ephedra and promotes the safe and responsible marketing of these supplements. More information can be found at

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- "Metabolife International, in response to today's allegations from the FDA, stated that the company has not made any false statements to the FDA and these allegations have nothing to do with the safety and efficacy of Metabolife's products. Metabolife is surprised at FDA's statement criticizing Metabolife's pro-active, voluntary release of consumer information. Three experts reviewed this information and determined that the information does not demonstrate that Metabolife 356 is unsafe or poses any health problems when used as directed. Metabolife has repeatedly sought to work with the FDA and government officials to establish a science- based regulation for ephedra-containing dietary supplements. Importantly, Metabolife just proposed a landmark mandatory reporting system for the dietary supplement industry and it is surprised that FDA would criticize the one company, to our knowledge, in the dietary supplement industry who has ever voluntarily provided this type of information to FDA. As FDA recently stated in a June 14th letter to Public Citizen, anecdotal reports are not helpful in determining causation. Metabolife's belief supported by experts in the field is that scientific studies should form the benchmark for any FDA action on ephedra."

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