Statement Regarding Nutritional Supplement Use by Elite Athletes

Statement Regarding Nutritional Supplement Use by Elite Athletes

Companies and organizations involved in the nutritional supplements industry wish to indicate their support for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and other sports organizations in ensuring that athletes should not violate the rules of their sport by knowingly ingesting products that contain banned substances or precursors of banned substances.

These groups further support and endorse the following:

1. Athletes should be able to confidently select nutritional supplements to meet the dietary demands of their training, travel, competition, recovery and rehabilitation with no risk of inadvertent doping.

2. Industry should work with ADO's, athletes, researchers, sports organizations and government to promote education regarding supplements and their science and provide guidance and advice regarding their use.

3. Industry supports further consideration by international sports bodies and the industry of the development of a properly managed database of products used by athletes to enable all stakeholders - sports, government and industry - to have ready access to accurate and up-to-date product information.

4. Industry should examine steps to reduce the risk of inadvertent doping infractions that may be associated with supplement use.

Signed by the following companies and organizations:

Council for Responsible Nutrition
The Shelton Group
USANA Health Science
Pharmanex, LLC

Utah Natural Products Alliance
LDI Group

Green Marketing Inc.

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