Stauber Distributes 'Patent Protected' Coral Calcium from Okinawa-based Marine Bio Co. Ltd.

MARINE BIO Co., Ltd., located in Okinawa, Japan, through its certified distributor, STAUBER Performance Ingredients, Inc., USA, manufactures "patent protected" Coral Calcium products for the promotion of health benefits.

40 year old MARINE BIO is the pioneer in the development of Coral products for use in water treatment, food materials, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, etc., and they hold several patents worldwide to protect the use of Coral Calcium in many of these applications.

All companies involved in the promotion and use of Coral Calcium products in food, health, and nutritional products need to be aware of MARINE BIO's intention to educate manufacturers and marketers of their quality, as well as enforce their patented rights.

MARINE BIO has completed more than seven clinical studies on Coral Calcium as they relate to human nutrition (many of which are referenced by various companies and marketers), and they continue to invest heavily into more research. They are clearly "the source" for Coral Calcium ingredients.

Dan Stauber, CEO of STAUBER Performance Ingredients stated, "We are excited about our continued growing relationship with Mr.Someya, President of MARINE BIO, and the entire MARINE BIO organization. Their dedication to promoting efficacious Coral Calcium products and their investment in scientific studies which support the use of these products for human nutrition has largely gone unrecognized."

STAUBER is currently working with companies who are interested in promoting the MARINE BIO brand.

For more information on the products available, please contact STAUBER at,
or call Cindy Shumaker at 714-441-3900.

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