Stevia Nutra names chief agronomist

Stevia Nutra names chief agronomist

El Sheikh has produced new stevia genotypes higher in Reb A content and leaf yield and initiated the first stevia seed nursery in the open field.

Stevia Nutra Corp., an Agro-Management company focused on stevia agronomics, is pleased to announce that esteemed researcher, Dr. Ahmed A. El Sheikh, from Egypt's Ministry of Agriculture has been named Chief Agronomist.

Dr. El Sheikh is recognized as an innovator in developing stevia cultivation as well as breeding techniques and protocols. He has been successful in producing new stevia genotypes higher in both Reb A content and leaf yield. Dr. El Sheikh was successful in initiating the first stevia seed nursery in the open field and was also a leading member of the first commercial stevia field in Egypt (150 acres).

"Dr. El Sheikh's significant knowledge and experience in breeding, propagating, cultivating and harvesting stevia is invaluable for our global expansion," said company president, Brian Dicks. "He is a pioneer in the field of stevia production and we are excited to have him join our team."

Dr. El Sheikh has a PhD degree in Agricultural Sciences from Ain-Shams University, Egypt in stevia propagation methods (2005) and went on to study advanced plant breeding at Michigan State University in 2009.

"It is truly a very exciting time for the stevia sector. I am confident that Stevia Nutra is well positioned to participate in the exploding demand for stevia across the world," said Dr. El Sheikh. "I think the Cambodian growing conditions will allow for the Company to increase yields of stevia per acre and with multiple harvests attainable each year. This should, in turn, have a positive impact on the Company's operations. I am looking forward to working with the other members of the Company's management team to build the world's best stevia company."


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