Stiff, Sore Muscles? Neck Pain?

Ottawa, Ontario (August 21, 2002) Canadian-based Green Sleep announced today the introduction of a new line to its current offerings of natural, organic bedding products: Saguenay 9000 Organic Cherry Pit Cushions. Filled with organic cherry pits from Poland and covered with organic cotton velour, the cushions can be used for both hot and cold therapies for swollen, tense muscles and forehead headaches. “The use of the cherry pit cushion began in Switzerland several centuries ago where the cherry pit was used as both a medicinal treatment and a relaxation, heating cushion,” says Jean Corriveau, President of Green Sleep. By placing the cushion in a microwave or conventional oven for heat and a freezer for cold therapy, the cherry pit quickly absorbs the heat or cold and releases it very slowly – creating a comfortable, safe and long lasting experience for the user. The cushion holds its temperature for up to 1 hour and can be placed directly against the body. “When it comes to heat therapy, our product maintains a temperature that is superior to the traditional hot water bottle,” adds Jean.

Handcrafted in six delightful styles, consumers can choose from a dolphin, bear, rabbit, square bag, bar or cervical cushion. Machine washable and easy to care for, the cushions do not contain any chemicals or synthetic elements and can be used safely by those who have chemical or environmental sensitivities. The organic cotton is cultivated and handpicked in the traditional cooperative manner in the Peruvian Andes and is certified organic by Europe’s oldest and most prestigious certification agency, KRAV of Sweden. Cushions range from $19 to $29 retail.

The company suggests many uses for these cushions including:

  • Sports injuries
  • Cramping and low back pain associated with a woman’s cycle
  • Comfort for pregnant women by relaxing the lumbar region
  • As a replacement for a wet face cloth in childbirth
  • The ultimate bed warmer on a cold night!,/ul>

    The Saguenay 9000 Cherry Pit Cushions are available by calling Green Sleep at 888.413.4442. For more information about Green Sleep and its natural bedding products and mattresses, please see

    Jean Corriveau is available for an interview or comment by calling 888.413.4442.
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