Strategic GMO Testing Collaboration Provides Unique "One Stop Shop" Lab Services

Leatherhead Food International (LFI), a leading provider of scientific and knowledge solutions for the global food and drink industry, and Genetic ID (Europe) AG, a world leader in GMO (genetically modified organism) testing, are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration. LFI and Genetic ID can together offer a complete range of GMO testing and comprehensive analytical services for the European food industry.

Instead of sending multiple samples to several laboratories to test for GMO, allergen content, and many other analytical tests, companies can send samples to LFI for a single solution that combines convenience and a complete range of analytical testing including:

GMO analysis – qualitative, quantitative and varietal
Allergen detection
Pesticide, mycotoxin and residue analyses
Heavy metal detection
Food ingredient and additive analyses
Nutritional composition analyses
Mircobiological analyses
Glycaemic index testing

In short, the strategic collaboration between Genetic ID and LFI, with a history of providing analytical food testing for over 85 years through its expert teams of scientists and researchers, can supply nearly every analytical service needed by the food industry. The reduction in sample preparation, handling, and consolidation via a single service provider offers clients a solution with great convenience in addition to cost efficiencies

This partnership, which offers a powerful market-focused portfolio of skills and solutions, including LFI’s superior analytical food testing capabilities and Genetic ID’s cutting edge ISO 17025 accredited GMO testing technology, is unequalled by any other European testing organisation.

“Being able to offer a recognised and global, world class GMO testing solution to our clients in the UK, is in line with our mission of strengthening our partnership opportunities with our Members and clients,” explains John Bevington, CEO, LFI. “It allows us to add value to our offering and will be extremely competitive. We also provide vital complimentary consultancy in the areas of food labelling and nutrition claims”.

Dr Jochen Zoller, CEO, Genetic ID (Europe) AG, agrees: “We are very happy to have formed this relationship with LFI, a leader in food testing in the UK, which brings many years experience in food analysis to join Genetic ID’s expertise as the world’s first and leading international GMO testing lab. Together we can provide a full range of food and feed tests with excellent service and turnaround times at very competitive prices.”

Richard Werran, Managing Director of Cert ID Ltd, Genetic ID’s sister company responsible for food and feed certification services added “This is an exciting development which not only brings together two powerful and respected organizations in the food industry but also means UK food and feed business can easily access cutting edge GM testing technology; by the same token the good news for Cert ID Non-GMO certification clients who use Genetic ID testing services they now have access to the full range of LFI’s superb analytical services saving time and money”.


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