Stratum Nutrition launches ACTAZIN to support digestion at SupplySide

Stratum Nutrition launches ACTAZIN to support digestion at SupplySide

Stratum Nutrition, a functional and specialty ingredients supplier, introduced ACTAZIN, a whole fruit kiwi ingredient for digestive regularity, at SupplySide West.

"ACTAZIN supports the digestive health platform within our portfolio strategy.  We are excited to offer this a natural, whole food, easy to understand supplement ingredient," says Jeremy Moore, Global Business Director for Stratum Nutrition.
ACTAZIN is a standardized kiwifruit supplement ingredient for regularity. This new digestive support ingredient comes from the superior New Zealand green kiwifruit, which has been shown to support digestive health by promoting regularity, gut motility and other long-term digestive health benefits.  ACTAZIN has a unique, natural composition of gut health supporting nutrients including a standardized level of actinidin, a proteolytic enzyme unique to kiwifruit, insoluble and soluble fiber, prebiotics, and high level of polyphenolics.
"New Zealanders have long understood the value and benefit of kiwifruit for digestive health", advised Grant Washington-Smith, a spokesperson for the ACTAZIN product and Anagenix Ltd, the companythat manufacturers this ingredient.  "We are confident that the US market will feel the benefit that New Zealanders have known of this novel approach to digestive health, without the side effect profile often associated with high fiber diets".
ACTAZIN has been added to the Stratum Nutrition portfolio by way of a  technology partnership with Anagenix Ltd.  This partnership will allow Stratum Nutrition to bring this kiwifruit product, manufactured by Anagenix to market in the US, Europe, Canada, and other regions ­ as well as help to further the science supporting the associated health benefits.

About Stratum Nutrition
Stratum Nutrition, a Novus International Business, is empowering product innovation through functional and specialty ingredients for manufacturers and marketers of foods, beverages and supplementation.  Stratum offers a portfolio of branded, value-added ingredients that are progressive, safe and reliable.  These ingredients are based on consumer need, supported by science and the backing of a trusted multinational company.  To learn more about ACTAZIN, please visit or contact [email protected]
About Anagenix Ltd

Anagenix Ltd is a  New Zealand based company and was established in November 2007 as a response to the growing consumer demands for functional and natural food and beverage ingredients with a proven and meaningful health benefit.  Because of the pristine environment and the higher bioactive levels of fruits and plants grown in New Zealand, Anagenix is committed to sourcing as much of these natural ingredients from our home base. All ingredients developed by Anagenix are traceable to their origin and growing region and scientifically substantiated through our R&D partners. This ensures you receive the quality we expected in of all our products.

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