Straus Family Creamery introduces organic single-serve milk

Straus Family Creamery introduces organic single-serve milk

The pioneering milk manufacturer that was the first organic dairy west of the Mississippi is now offering organic single‐serve, cream-top 2% milk in reusable pint‐sized bottles.


Straus Family Creamery, the pioneering dairy that introduced modern consumers to fresh, cream‐top milk in glass bottles, is now offering single‐serve, organic, cream top 2% milk in its signature, reusable pint‐sized bottles. The milk is available in cafés, coffee houses, neighborhood grocery stores and supermarkets in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a suggested retail price of $1.50 plus deposit.

"We are so excited to offer Straus cream‐top milk in pint‐sized, reusable glass bottles,” said Meg Ray, owner of Miette. “Straus butter and cream are the foundation for all of our baking. And of course many of our customers enjoy drinking milk with their cookies. We are thrilled that we can now say "yes" to that request with our favorite, local, organic milk. Straus cream‐top milk pints will soon be available in all of our stores, including the San Francisco Ferry Building and our new Larkspur store, opening this fall."

When Straus Family Creamery launched in 1994, it became the first organic dairy west of the Mississippi and the first to introduce non‐homogenized, organic milk in glass bottles to West Coast markets. This latest line extension provides a convenient way for consumers to enjoy single servings of the creamery’s famously great tasting, creamtop milk, without the waste of small, individual packages. Straus Family Creamery milk gets its rich taste from the fresh, green grass on which the cows graze, which is nourished by the salty marine air and unique soil of West Marin. Straus milk is never ultra‐pasteurized to increase shelf life, as this compromises both the flavor and the nutrients in the milk. Instead it is gently pasteurized, leaving the milk as close to its natural state as possible, which is the key to the milk’s celebrated flavor.

The glass milk bottles have proved popular with consumers, who are attracted to their utility, their reusability and their timeless design. Each bottle is adorned with drawings inspired by founder Albert Straus' mother Ellen Straus, reflecting the creamery’s family roots. Straus Family Creamery’s reusable glass milk bottles are made with 40% recycled content and has a return rate of over 80%. They are reused by the creamery an average of six to eight times before reentering the recycling stream. Many find new use as flower vases in restaurants and homes. Their adorable, squat shape is so appealing that wedding planners routinely request them for use as bud vases.

Now there’s a healthy, no‐waste option for children’s lunches or for milk "on the go" anytime. Like all of Straus Family Creamery’s dairy products, the 2% milk in pint‐sized bottles is certified organic and carries the Non‐GMO Project Verification seal.

About Straus Family Creamery

Straus Family Creamery strives to consistently provide the highest quality, best‐tasting organic milk, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and sour cream made with minimal processing and wholesome ingredients. Straus Family Creamery makes business decisions based upon environmental and ecological considerations, which support the philosophy of sustainable, organic family farming, for the health and well being of the company, its farmers, employees and the community at large.


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