Studies find Triarco’s Carbogen Enzyme turns fiber into fast, longer‐lasting fuel

Studies find Triarco’s Carbogen Enzyme turns fiber into fast, longer‐lasting fuel

The Journal of Medicinal Food reports that adding Triarco’s patented Carbogen® enzyme system to a meal replacement bar increased the rate of glucose absorption.

A collection of pre‐clinical animal studies published this month in The Journal of Medicinal Food confirms that adding Triarco’s patented Carbogen® enzyme system to a meal replacement bar increased the rate of glucose absorption. Increased blood glucose levels were maintained over a period of five hours. The finding could be significant for athletes and other consumers who look to carbohydrate products for a healthy boost, and for manufacturers who want to enhance their current energy or fiber formula.

“We know Carbogen® can increase glucose availability from complex carbohydrates and fiber, which tend to digest quite slowly,” said Triarco’s Director of Research and Development, Dr. Mark Anderson. “What we wanted to find out here was, how does Carbogen® perform in carbohydrate foods with varying glycemic index ratings?” In the current study, 1 milligram of Carbogen® was given for each gram of complex carbohydrate in male Sprague‐Dawley rats. The control group was given the same foods without Carbogen®. A range of foods commonly consumed to increase physical activity were used, including soy nuts, pasta, meal replacement bars, nutrition shakes and a carbohydrate sports supplement. Each was chosen to represent a low, moderate or high glycemic index (GI) food.

Low GI foods like complex carbohydrates are typically found in products for endurance athletes because they provide longer‐lasting energy. Foods higher on the glycemic index, like simple sugars, can produce rapid energy, but the insulin response they trigger also quickly leads to lowered levels of blood glucose and fatty acids. “That can be a problem for athletes,” said Dr. Anderson, “… and for those of us just trying to get through the day. It’s that inevitable ‘sugar crash’ we’re all familiar with.”

The study found that Carbogen® significantly increased glucose absorption and maintained increases over five hours when added to a meal replacement bar and soy nuts. These foods were characterized by both a low or moderate GI classifications and a high ‐fiber content. When Carbogen® was added, the soy nut substrate showed an average increase in blood glucose levels of 67 percent, and the meal replacement bar showed an average increase of 261 percent. Such maintained increases can provide consumers with a steady source of accessible, longer‐lasting energy from low/moderate GI and high‐fiber energy formulas.

A clinical study published in 2002 found a similar increase in blood glucose in male cyclists taking Carbogen® before high endurance exercise. The athletes also demonstrated a 43 percent increase in time‐to‐exhaustion and reported a decreased rate of perceived exertion.

Carbogen® is a patented plant‐derived, certified Kosher, and non‐GMO.


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