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Study finds alpha lipoic acid protects nerve tissue

A recently published study investigating the role of alpha lipoic in neuroblastoma (a malignancy that forms in nerve tissue), moves it up to the top of the nutrients ranking for the protection of nerve tissue.

A recently published study regarding the role of Alpha Lipoic and premature death of neurons suggests that Alpha Lipoic confers a neuro-protective role upon neurons. Expanding on the benefits of R-Alpha Lipoic, Nutri-Med Logic Corp adds that R-Alpha Lipoic is also a nutrient and its dietary supplementation increases the cellular leaves of glutathione, which growing number of studies are implicating its deficiency in the development and progression of many diseases such as Arthritis, COPD up to Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

The role or R-Alpha Lipoic, in moderating chronic inflammation, not only has moved up to the ranks of the important nutrients, such as Omega-3, but also many studies are suggesting that its role expands beyond inflammation into protein (cellular messenger) folding (formation) and the cellular redox (reduction-oxidation) status.

The role of Omega-3 in moderating inflammation, its protective role on the neurons has been well studies and established. DHA fatty acids of Omega-3 are precursor to Neuro-Protectin D-1, which confer protection upon neurons from premature death. Many studies have investigated the role of DHA of Omega-3 in neuro-degenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer, suggesting positive results.

This new study suggests that R-Alpha Lipoic is capable of a protective function for neurons, as well. The study not only suggests that R-Alpha Lipoic confers a protective role from neuro-degeneration, but also adds that Lipoic acid is involved in phase II enzyme, which is used to detoxify the body from toxins and chemicals.

The role of R-Alpha Lipoic emanates from its ability to increase the cellular levels of glutathione, which it depletion has been associated with neuron death. (1)

Depletion of glutathione has also been suggested as a key and underlying cause of protein (cellular messenger) misfolding, which has been implicated not only in neuro-degeneration but also in cases such as Arthritis. (2)

In 1996, Professor Lester Packer a senior anti-oxidant researcher and scientist at the University of California (Berkley) discovered that dietary supplementation of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (also known as R- Lipoic Acid), increases the production, as well as the cellular concentration of glutathione, which its levels decrease by and do not increase, significantly, from either glutathione supplementation or food.

Glutathione is an important part of cellular redox (oxidation-Reduction). Lack of glutathione contributes to oxidative stress, which causes or aggravates chronic inflammation.

According to The Department of Internal Medicine of University of Miami, the cellular redox is regulated by three systems that counteract with free radicals and reactive oxygen species, two of the above systems are regulated by glutathione. (3)

R-Alpha Lipoic is found in variety of foods but, like glutathione, its levels do not increase significantly from conventional food. However, the levels of R-Alpha Lipoic does increase substantially from its dietary supplementation.

R-Alpha Lipoic, in its reduced form, is made by the human body and is a vital co-enzyme in the metabolism of glucose.

In conclusion, Nutri-Med Logic Corp agrees with this recent study and Protective role of Alpha Lipoic Acid and adds that Alpha Lipoic Acid has many other benefits beyond its protective role for the nerve tissue.

Nutri-Med Logic Corp. is a producer of dietary supplements, including a Pharmaceutical Grade R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, the dietary supplement of choice for the Diabetics, in Germany for more than 40 years.

Nutri-Med Logic Corp is also producer of a Natural, Balanced, Deodorized and Concentrated Omega-3, which is also Pharmaceutical Grade;

Producer of PolyEnylPhosphatidylCholine (PPC 425mg), an extract of soy and the recommended dietary supplement for those with Fatty Liver and Alcoholic Liver Disease, in Europe for about 50 years.

Nutri-Med Logic's products are Formulated Based on Nutritional Logic, made from the highest quality raw materials that are manufactured in pharmaceutical facilities, encapsulated in pharmaceutical facilities and packaged in pharmaceutical facilities.

It must be noted that the studies, sources or statements above or below have not been evaluated by The FDA and, thus, one should not relate the cause of any diseases, stated herein, to lack of the dietary supplements, stated herein, nor equate their supplementation to prevention, treatment or cure.

1. Brain Research, 1999. Vol. 826, Issue: 1, PPs 53-62.
2. Arthritis Rheum. 2011 Oct 17.
3. Drugs. 2011 Jul 30;71(11):1385-96.

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