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Study finds some forms of vitamin E better for heart health

Study finds some forms of vitamin E better for heart health
A study published in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry finds that gamma- and alpha-tocotrienol--but not the delta form--best support heart health.

The only GMP-certified palm tocotrienol complex producer, Carotech shares a recent study that showed gamma-tocotrienol and alpha-tocotrienol (but not delta-tocotrienol) confer resistance to ischemia in hypercholesterolemic hearts.

Published in the Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, researchers at the University Of Connecticut School Of Medicine once again proved that the gamma and alpha forms of tocotrienol worked best in protecting heart functions, while the delta form is not effective.

In the study, rabbits were fed with cholesterol diet for 60 days and supplemented with individual tocotrienols (alpha, gamma, and delta) on the last 30 days. At the end of the study, researchers found that blood cholesterol levels in the gamma- and alpha-tocotrienol supplemented groups were significantly lower (50% and 39% respectively) compared to the control group while the delta-tocotrienol supplemented group did not show any significant reduction.

Subsequently, the researchers compared left ventricular function and myocardial infarct size between control (hypercholesterolemic) and tocotrienol supplemented groups after induction of ischemia and reperfusion. It was found that only gamma- and alpha-tocotrienol improved the cardiac function significantly. Similarly, only these two forms of tocotrienol reduced infarct size of hypercholesterolemic hearts. Gamma-tocotrienol reduces infarct size by a significant 50 – 60% compared to control. Again, delta-tocotrienol failed to improve cardiac function and infarct size. Analysis of the atherosclerotic lesions further confirmed that gamma-tocotrienol is the most effective in regression of atherosclerosis.

Study on gene expression profile revealed that gamma-tocotrienol increased cardiac expression of a number of protective proteins. In addition, both gamma- and alpha-tocotrienol significantly reduced cholesterol-related proteins in the heart while delta-tocotrienol had no effect.

“Each isomer in the tocotrienol family plays different roles in our health. In terms of cardioprotection, this study once again proves that gamma- and alpha-tocotrienol play an important part in lowering blood cholesterol and protecting the heart from injuries following a heart attack. Contrary to the misinformation that one can find on the internet, delta-tocotrienol is the least effective. This study is consistent with the researchers’ earlier findings published in AJP-Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 2008,” says Mr. WH Leong, Vice President, Carotech Inc.

“Recently, another double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel human study showed that oral supplementation with Carotech’s patented and bioenhanced Tocomin SupraBio® improved blood cholesterol levels in hypercholesterolemic individuals. Taken together, these studies underscore Carotech’s Tocomin® / Tocomin SupraBio® full spectrum tocotrienol complex as the right choice of natural mixed tocotrienols in nutritional supplements to support heart health. In addition, Tocomin® and Tocomin SupraBio® contain the highest levels of gamma- and alpha-tocotrienol,”adds WH Leong.


Somak Das, Subhendu Mukherjee, Istvan Lekli, Narasimman Gurusamy, Jayeeta Bardhan, Utpal Raychoudhury, Runu Chakravarty, Sandip Banerji, Anne A. Knowlton, Dipak K. Das. “Tocotrienols confer resistance to ischemia in hypercholesterolemic hearts: insight with genomics”, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry DOI: 10.1007/s11010-011-1041-9.

About Carotech

Carotech, incorporated in 1990, is a public listed company in Malaysia (ACE Market). It was the first producer in the world of natural full spectrum tocotrienol/tocopherol complex (Tocomin®& TocominSupraBio®), natural mixed carotene complex (Caromin®) and phytosterol complex (Stelessterol™) via its patented technology.

Besides being the largest producer of tocotrienol, Carotech is also the only GMP-Certified tocotrienol producer in the world.

Tocomin SupraBio® is a patented (US Patent No. 6,596,306) self emulsifying palm tocotrienol complex that ensures optimal tocotrienols oral absorption.

Carotech is a subsidiary of Hovid Ltd (, one of the largest GMP-certified pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia.

Carotech manufactures these products under the tradenames: Tocomin®, TocominSupraBio®, Caromin® and Stelessterol™.

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