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Study Indicates Green Food Supplement Increases Energy and Vitality

June 1, 2004 Toronto, ON – Researchers at the University of Toronto, reporting in the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research (Spring 2004, Vol 65 No.1), note that participants that took greens+ showed statistically significant increases in energy and vitality, as compared to those that took the placebo product. While a trend toward greater improvement in the greens+ group was noted in perception of wellbeing, overall mental health and decreased incidence of colds and flus, it did not reach statistical significance.

The prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, analyzed 105 healthy women aged 25-55 who had never taken a green food product. The study period was 12 weeks with participants checking in every 4 weeks.

The women studied were asked to drink one serving of green food supplement or placebo mixed in 8oz of apple juice each morning. Neither the participants nor researchers knew which product (greens+ or placebo) participants received throughout the study. A taste test was done to confirm that placebo and green food supplement were indistinguishable in taste and texture.

"Patients increasingly are asking health care practitioners about the validity of these claims. In most cases, no research studies have been conducted on these products, which makes providing objective, accurate guidance difficult. This is one of the first studies to provide preliminary evidence that may enable both health care providers and consumers to make informed choices about natural health products."

Heather Boon, BScPhm, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy as well as the Department of Family and Community Medicine and the Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. She was originally trained as a pharmacist, completed a PhD in medical sociology (U of T) and a Post-doctoral Fellowship in Centre for Studies in Family Medicine (UWO). Dr. Boon is one of the Founding Chairs of the Canadian Interdisciplinary Network for CAM Research, which recently received five years of funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health and the Natural Health Products Directorate (Health Canada). She is also a member of health Canada’s Expert Advisory Committee for Natural Health Products. Her primary research interests are patients’ use of complementary/alternative medicine, the safety and efficacy of natural health products and complementary/alternative medicine regulation and policy issues. Her current research focuses on exploring how complementary/alternative medicine is (or is not) being integrated with the Canadian health care system.

greens+, manufactured for ehn inc. (Toronto, ON), is a unique blend of 23 ingredients including phosphatide complex from soy lecithin, spirulina, chlorella, soy sprouts, brown rice powder, daily-free probiotics, royal jelly, bee pollen, berry juice powder, dulse powder, and the herbal extracts of licorice root, milk thistle, Siberian ginseng, ginkgo biloba, Japanese green tea, European bilberry, and full spectrum grape. It is available in a powder that is mixed with water or juice. For more information visit

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