Study Results Show Efficacy of Bioforce’s Prostasan

HUDSON, NY – Eileen Sheets, director of regulatory affairs at Bioforce USA, has announced new study results underscoring the efficacy of a certified organic saw palmetto formula, Prostasan, in addressing mild, moderate and severe benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), concluding that the saw palmetto formulation may be a useful daily dietary supplement for men concerned about maintaining prostate health.

The study was conducted in Switzerland from May 2003 through June 2004 by a network of medical doctors on their patients who were diagnosed the first time with BPH symptoms or men who had already exhibited BPH symptoms but had not sought prior consultation. The men took one capsule per day (320 mg saw palmetto extract) of Prostasan for eight weeks.

The efficacy of Prostasan during the eight-week study was analyzed in 364 men who exhibited mild, medium and severe BPH symptoms. These were measured by severity of symptoms according to the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS), as follows: mild symptoms had a calculated IPSS score from 0 to 7 points; medium symptoms were allocated 8 to 19 points, and severe symptoms had a calculated IPSS score from 20 to 35 points. A significant reduction in the severity of symptoms (i.e. efficacy) was observed in all three groups.

Men with mild BPH symptoms reported a 42 percent improvement of their symptoms after eight weeks. Men with medium BPH symptoms showed a 37.8 percent improvement in their symptoms at the end of the study. Prostasan supplementation was even successful in the patient group with severe BPH symptoms. In this group, 95 patients with severe BPH reported a 30 percent reduction in the severity of their symptoms at the end of the study.

“Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a highly uncomfortable condition for many men, and it drastically reduces not only their daily quality of life but has some psychological impact as well,” Sheets notes. “We are proud to offer a natural, certified organic dietary supplement that addresses these issues. Prostasan has been a part of a daily regimen for millions of men worldwide; and the repeat purchases of the product demonstrate its success in this health circumstance.”

Sheets further notes that recent reports of adverse weather affecting the bounty and quality of Florida saw palmetto crops has opened the door of opportunity for cheaper and ineffective products from overseas. She reassures retailers and consumers that, “The saw palmetto berries we use from Florida are certified organic by Florida Certified Organic Growers, and we are supplied with a harvest report that demonstrates the superior quality, and hence, efficacy of the berry raw material. Prostasan is the only saw palmetto berry supplement that is also carries VSBLO/Bio Suisse and OCIA International Processor/Trader Organic certifications and the product meets Kommission E monographs for standardization equivalent to 270 mg fatty acids – dosages used in groundbreaking studies demonstrating its use to support the prostate.”
The wildcrafted organic saw palmetto berries used in Prostasan are gently air dried to retain some moisture and are shipped, still fresh, to Switzerland where they are made into supplements. “And, knowing that the berries are organic will give men a greater sense of confidence of purity; Prostasan is a one-per-day supplement that is taken for the long term to nourish the prostate,” Sheets adds.

Prostasan is offered in 30-softgels.

About Bioforce USA

Propelled by the knowledge that botanical-based products enhance both specific health goals and overall vitality, Bioforce USA has created long-term strategic alliances with venerable European manufacturers of product lines that have years of clinical research support for safety and efficacy, plus years of repeat consumer use. Bioforce USA has brought these lines, which include A. Vogel, Sanhelios, Herbatint and L’Erbolario exclusively to the United States for distribution through natural products and health food stores.

Eileen Sheets
800 641-7555

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