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Study shows Stratum's BLIS K12 battles bad breath

Study shows Stratum's BLIS K12 battles bad breath
New research shows the probiotic reduces levels of volatile sulfur compounds that are responsible for chronic oral malodor and halitosis.

Stratum Nutrition announces the recent independent publication by a Swiss research team at the University of Basel, evaluating BLIS K12 for its ability to inhibit bacteria responsible for the severe bad breath in the oral cavity, known as halitosis. The study entitled “Antimicrobial activity of Streptococcus salivarius K12 on bacteria involved in oral malodour” has been published in the journal Archives of Oral Biology (2012), doi:10.1016/j.archoralbio.2012.02.011.

This study reconfirms an earlier clinical study of 23 subjects by Dr. J. Burton and coworkers (published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, v100 (2006) 754–764), where Streptococcus salivarius K12 was shown to be effective at reducing the levels of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) in the exhaled breath, which are responsible for chronic oral malodor and halitosis.

BLIS K12® is a specific strain of Streptococcus salivarius (S. salivarius), one of the most numerous and beneficial bacteria found in the mouth of healthy individuals. In addition to being part of the dominant healthy species of the mouth, this probiotic strain also secretes powerful antimicrobial molecules called Bacteriocin-Like-Inhibitory Substances to help provide a natural long term protection from bad breath as well as support our oral immune system’s natural defenses.

The objective of this laboratory study at the University of Basel, Switzerland was to investigate the antimicrobial activity of BLIS K12 against several bacteria involved in chronic and severe halitosis including such clinically relevant strains as Solobacterium moorei, Atopobium parvulum and Eubacterium sulci. The study results found that BLIS K12 could inhibit all tested bacteria responsible for malodor, albeit at different levels. The authors concluded that this study demonstrates the potential of BLIS K12 as a valuable candidate for inclusion in therapies for halitosis sufferers and offers potential long-term support for sufferers, through the direct inhibition of the responsible malodor-causing bacteria.

"This research paper represents further evidence that the BLIS K12 probiotic plays an important role in maintaining good oral health by protecting the mouth against invading pathogens" said Dr. Barry Richardson, chief executive of BLIS Technologies. "We believe that the data in this model strongly points to beneficial effect in the human oral cavity and we expect further human studies to confirm this effect."

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