Study of Top-Selling Mangosteen Juice Supplements Confirms Mango.xan is Most Potent and Antioxidant-Rich

AMERICAN FORK, Utah, February 14, 2006 - Pure Fruit Technologies, a Utah-based manufacturer of healthy exotic juice supplements, has announced results of two independent studies confirming that the company's mangosteen juice supplement, Mango.xan(R), has a higher Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) and greater xanthone content than its competitors.

A study performed by Covance Laboratories revealed that Mango.xan's ORAC score per fluid ounce was found to be more than 45 percent higher than the closest competitor:
- Mango.xan - 2466
- Thai-Go(TM) - 1708
- Xango(TM) - 1599
- Naturally Thai Mangosteen(R) - 363
- Dynamic Health Mangosteen Juice - 201

The higher the ORAC score, the higher the number of oxygen or free radicals that can be extinguished. Free radicals can significantly damage other molecules in the body and lead to the destruction of membranes, essential metabolic biochemicals and even DNA.

The mangosteen fruit is loaded with xanthones, a potent class of antioxidants. Of the more than 40 xanthones found in the fruit and peel, alpha-mangostin is considered the most active xanthone and has been widely studied for its health benefits. An analysis of the alpha-mangostin content in the top-selling mangosteen juice supplements conducted by American Analytical Labs revealed that the alpha-mangostin content in Mango.xan was more than 120 percent higher than Thai-Go, 3100 percent higher than Xango and 6300 percent higher than both Naturally Thai Mangosteen and Dynamic Health Mangosteen Juice.

"It is our mission at Pure Fruit Technologies to provide our customers with the most potent, exotic fruit juice supplements, and this study validates that we have achieved our goal with Mango.xan," stated Dave Boyd, director of global operations, Pure Fruit Technologies. "Although Mango.xan was found to have a higher ORAC score and xanthone content than its competitors, it is the unique blend of mangosteen and other natural fruit juices working together that delivers optimum nutritional value."

The Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, one of the leading organizations researching nutrient requirements necessary to promote well-being, recommends that individuals consume fruits and vegetables with a combined ORAC score of 5,000 per day. According to the Covance study, one ounce of Mango.xan can help provide almost half of this recommended daily

Pure Fruit Technologies,, is a liquid nutritional supplement manufacturing and marketing company in American Fork, Utah. Through ongoing research and testing, Pure Fruit Technologies ensures high quality, potent and healthy exotic juice products. Currently, Mango.xan is the only product offered by Pure Fruit Technologies, though they do plan to launch several products in early 2006. The company's products are sold wholesale to health food retailers and distributors worldwide and are also available direct-to-consumers online.

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