Sucrosilk® a new emulsifier blend for confectionery

Leading innovative ingredients supplier S. Black Ltd is pleased to introduce Sisterna’s new emulsifier blend ‘Sucrosilk ®’ to the UK market. The blend is based on a mix of sucrose esters. The carrier for the blend is powdered sugar, an ingredient that has a perfect fit in confectionery. Sucrosilk ® is applied in confectionery such as hard candy, chewies, cereal bars, caramel and fondant. Sucrosilk® replaces lecithin and partly replaces gelatine.

Sucrosilk ® can also be used to increase the production capacity or raise the quality standard of confectionery. The use of Sucrosilk ® is diverse because the sucrose ester mix has several functionalities.

Sucrosilk ® can help economise on ingredients. Seeding sugar or fondant can be eliminated from the recipe because the powdered sugar in Sucrosilk® will do the job of the seeding crystals. The usage level of Sucrosilk ® in confectionery is 0.2-2.0%. In most applications Sucrosilk ® is able to replace other emulsifiers in the ratio 1:1. Two Sucrosilk blends are available, Sucrosilk HP10 and Sucrosilk MP10, each containing different combinations of sucrose esters dedicated to different types of confectionery.

S. Black Ltd can offer help in finding technical solutions in the development, improvement and process optimising of food products.

For further information or samples please contact S. Black on:

Tel : +44 1992 825555
E-mail : [email protected]

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