Sun Chlorella Marks 40 Years with Continued Focus on Quality

Sun Chlorella Corporation, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, began operations in 1969, a year that pre-dates natural grocery chains and the now-common shelves of supplement and functional food offerings. The goal was to make chlorella — a single-celled, fresh water alga that is densely packed with the highest chlorophyll and protein content of any studied plant — accessible to consumers in an easily digestible form.

Over the past four decades, Japanese consumption of chlorella has soared past that of vitamin C. Its many health benefits have also gained recognition in the U.S., as chlorella has been clinically shown to purify and detoxify, support the immune system and recovery process and provide intense nourishment with its unrivaled roster of all essential amino acids, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

"With so many green superfood products now on the market, consumers are quite savvy when it comes to detecting and demanding quality," says Mark Drucker, M.D. and medical director for the Center for Advanced Medicine. "Sun Chlorella 'A' tablets have defined and led the category market leaders for four decades because informed consumers recognize the benefit that comes from the most digestible and filler-free brand of chlorella."

Sun Chlorella's DYNO®-Mill processing method is key to yielding the purest chlorella products available. By pulverizing chlorella's fibrous cell wall into a highly bioavailable end product, Sun Chlorella arrives on store shelves with no synthetic additives. The result is an unprecedented 95 to 99 percent digestible cell wall and an exceptionally efficacious and nutrient-dense product that enables quicker delivery to the body’s vital organs and systems.

Chlorella’s nutritional scientific profile continues to expand, with the recent human clinical study "Nutrigenomic Studies of Effects of Chlorella on Subjects with High-Risk Factors for Lifestyle-Related Disease" that showed Sun Chlorella’s role in helping to support healthy weight loss and maintain balanced cholesterol levels. A 2009 Grand Gold Award from Belgium's Monde Selection for Sun Chlorella "A" tablets and granules reaffirms that the company's quality manufacturing processes are monitored, evaluated and recognized by a jury of independent experts.

"With 40 years of unwavering commitment to quality and an investment in improving health, we are excited to enter our next phase of growth with our extensive product line for consumers interested in this study-backed, whole food source," said Sun Chlorella USA Vice President and COO Rose J. Straub.

For more information about Sun Chlorella USA, its DYNO®-Mill processing method and its line of superior chlorella products, visit

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