Sunphenon® Green Tea Facility Certified Organic

Minneapolis - Taiyo, the largest manufacturer of Green Tea polyphenols, announced that its Sunphenon® manufacturing facility, as well as its line-up of Sunphenon® green tea bases achieved USDA Organic Certification by the Organic Crop Improvement Association International (OCIA). The OCIA is an international program of certification to strict organic standards that has been accredited by the USDA.

These highly purified, standardized green tea catechins are perfect for use in antioxidant rich RTD’s without the color or astringency typically associated with such extracts. Taiyo has over 20 years of experience with formulating beverages, dairy products and foods with green tea and green tea extracts.

“Organic certification significantly expands the marketability of Sunphenon®”, said Steve Wang, sales manager of Taiyo International. “Our recently launched line of extracts for beverage applications allows formulators to produce organically certified antioxidant rich beverages, with or without tea taste or color.”


Sunphenon® has been approved by the Japanese Foundation for Health and Nutrition as a Food for Specified Health Use (FOSHU). Sunphenon® was further honored with the Industrial Achievement Award, IFT Food Expo 2000, USA.

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