Suntheanine Granted U.S. Patent for Women’s Health

MINNEAPOLIS – The patent estate surrounding Suntheanine® isomerically pure natural L-theanine expanded with the issuance of U.S. patent 6,831,103. The allowed claims center upon methods and compositions for treating symptoms associated with PMS, along with a description of aiding menopausal symptoms. The patent is assigned to Taiyo Kagaku Co. Ltd in Japan, the manufacturer of Suntheanine.

Suntheanine has been subjected to clinical trials evaluating its efficacy in PMS, with promising results. Previous patent filings have leveraged Suntheanine’s bioactivity related to sleep quality and mood modulation without inducing drowsiness.

A composition described in the current patent claims minerals in combination with Suntheanine. A notable body of clinical evidence has explored the efficacy of calcium or magnesium, or magnesium-calcium mixtures, showing improvements in some of the constellation of PMS symptoms. Notably, the patent describes Suntheanine’s “umami” flavor traits as decreasing the unpleasantness of mineral-fortified beverages, suggesting new applications and formats.

“This patent adds to the over 50 U.S. and international patents and patents pending for Suntheanine, increasing its global insulation,” said Scott Smith, vice president of Taiyo International. “This most recent award from the U.S. Patent Office magnifies the inventiveness of Suntheanine and its supportive body of scientific evidence, offering the intellectual assets and competitive advantage highly desired by our customers”.

Taiyo (, and its exclusive agent NutriScience ( continue to enforce all patents, copyrighted materials and trademarks for Suntheanine®.


Taiyo International is the North American sales office for Taiyo Kagaku Japan, a leading manufacturer of functional ingredients for the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries. Taiyo focuses on the development of innovative ingredients, derived from natural sources, to further develop the body’s ability to protect and manage one’s health.

Suntheanine® is Taiyo’s exclusive brand of pure L-theanine, supported by extensive clinical trials. Suntheanine is protected by over 40 U.S. and international patents for its various physiological efficacies and L-isomer-specific production processes.

Scott J Smith
[email protected]

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