Supplements and food begin morphing

Industry exec urges supplement manufacturers to adapt to changing marketplace

LAS VEGAS (Nov. 7, 2007) - The fact that consumers have finally made the link between good health and good nutrition has not gone unnoticed by the food and beverage industry. “The boundaries between probiotic foods and supplements are collapsing,” noted Gregory Leyer, Ph.D., probiotic technical director, Danisco USA Inc., in a talk he gave today at SupplySide West. “Traditional food companies are beginning to offer products that look and feel like supplements. To remain competitive in this changing environment, supplement companies need to be looking at delivery vehicles beyond capsules and tablets.”

As evidence of this changing marketplace, Leyer pointed to the growth in new food products with added probiotics. According to Mintel, 120 new food and beverage products fortified with probiotics were introduced in 2006. Categories with the highest new product growth in this area were beverages, baby food, confectionery and breakfast foods.

“Dairy beverages are dominating the world market,” said Leyer. “They represented 92 percent of the new product launches in ’06. Every year the global market of beverages with probiotics is more innovative.” To stay competitive in the dynamic world of probiotic delivery, supplement makers need to explore other delivery methods that consumers may find more accepting.

While Leyer pointed toward the need for alternative delivery vehicles, he said incorporating probiotics into food and beverages poses challenges given the diversity of technical factors that effect processing, shelf-life and efficacy. These are challenges that Danisco has overcome through years of research and experience in probiotic functionality. With Danisco’s exclusive FloraFIT™ and HOWARU™-branded probiotic ranges, probiotics can be successfully added to chocolates, spreads and a host of new and exciting delivery vehicles beyond capsules, pills and nutritional powders. To find out more about FloraFIT™ and HOWARU™ probiotics, contact Scott Bush at 608/395-2617.

About Danisco

Danisco is one of the world’s leading producers of ingredients for food and other consumer products. The group employs approximately 10,000 employees in 46 countries and reported revenue of U.S. $3.73 billion in 2006/07. Danisco’s broad technology platform and product portfolio include emulsifiers, enzymes, stabilizers, cultures, sugar and sweeteners such as xylitol and fructose. The majority of these ingredients are produced from natural raw materials. The company’s products are mainly used in the food industry for instance to improve the texture in bread and ice cream but are also applied to dietary supplements, feed, detergents, textiles and plastics. Danisco is also one of the largest and most efficient sugar producers in Europe.

For media information, please contact:
Greg Leyer, Danisco – Cultures Division R&D 608 395-2689
Kitty Kevin, Quiet Light Communications 815-398-6860

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