Supply Expo/Nutracon: The health & nutrition industry's essential event

2008 title sponsor DSMSupplyExpo, Natural Products Expo West and Nutracon, the annual colocated events in Anaheim, California, draw thousands of the health and nutrition industry's top ingredients buyers, product developers, formulators, marketers and visionaries each year. Last year, attendance topped 47,000, with a record 3,162 exhibits. The conference drew one in five attendees from outside the United States last year.

The Exchange, presented by NPIcenter ( at the Global Supply Marketplace pavilion, has undergone some evolution. Frequently, good ideas and novel technologies originate with academia, government research or smaller organisations that look to use midscale or larger companies to bring these ideas to commercial potential. Sometimes, more mature companies develop applications that still require strategic partnerships and alliances for ongoing development.

The Exchange is designed to bring these originators, acquirers and potential alliance partners together in the SupplyExpo show hall. It will include presentations of novel concepts and licensing and alliance opportunities, bringing together ideas from academia, government and industry experts, in scheduled presentations running at 12noon, 2pm and 4pm each show day.

Submissions will be considered and can be sent to [email protected] for evaluation.

The SupplyExpo show floor and GSM pavilion and program has been specially conceived to encourage maximum interaction between buyers, developers and brand managers in food & beverage as well as supplements and personal care.

Other popular programmes include New Ingredient and Technology Showcases, which allow attendees to explore the potential applications, science and specifications from exhibitors.

The colocated Nutracon will focus on several timely issues, including weight management, and creating champions within the professional community (how to win the professional community's support). A la carte sessions (also called intensives) include 'Antioxidants and Nutrigenomics;' 'Weight-loss Ingredients — Energy, Body Composition and Satiety;' 'New Findings in Food, Mood and Cognitive Function,' focusing on EPA and DHA; and 'Organics — Science, Sustainability, International Outlook and Consumer Attitudes.' There also will be sessions on GMP compliance.

Day one of Nutracon features keynote speaker Dick Atkinson, MD, clinical professor of pathology at Virginia Commonwealth University; director of the Obetech Obesity Research Center in Richmond, Virginia; and editor of the International Journal of Obesity. Day two will feature as keynote speaker journalist and author of the bestseller, The Sushi Economy, Sasha Issenberg. Issenberg traces the fascinating cultural and economic history of sushi, examining the immense forces that turned it, in a short span of time, from undesirable raw fish into one of the most coveted luxury foods in the world. His is a perfect case study for globalization in practice.

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A sample of SupplyExpo education programmes
Beyond the show floor, the education programmes typically meet with rave reviews and strong attendance — 86 per cent capacity last year.
Winning the Claim Game without Landing in the Penalty Box. Confirmed speakers for this session include Ivan Wasserman, and Michelle Rusk of the Federal Trade Commission.
Global Supply Management: Pricing, Shortages, Safety and Quality
Digesting the Nuances of GMP Compliance
Rev Up Your Business: Sustainable Packaging as a Driving Force. Confirmed speakers include Bruce Cummings of Colgate Palmolive, Ron Sasine of Mead Westvaco Corporation and Kevin Williams of Pure Branding.
Probiotics: A Healthy Market for Digestive Health

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