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Supply Spotlight: SourceOne

SourceOne Global Partners was founded in 2003 with a vision of finding effective, science-based nutritional products, and helping companies to brand and effectively market them.

"From the beginning," CEO Jesse Lopez says, "we aligned ourselves with good research companies, such as KGK Synergize in Canada, and Davos Life Science in Singapore.

"Companies must first have compelling science behind each of the products," he says, "then create the awareness of the important benefits that natural products provide and educate consumers."

SourceOne places special emphasis on products that assist cardiovascular health, and on those providing synergistic effects through proper combinations. Sytrinol, for instance, is a formula derived from citrus and palm fruit extracts that supports healthy total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as provides other heart-health benefits.

"We believe strongly in the complementary nature of our natural ingredients," Lopez says. "For instance, by combining a tocotrienol with an omega-3, we get a synergistic effect."

Cardio E combines gamma tocopherol, alpha tocopherol and tocotrienols in the precise balance naturally found in our food. SterolSource 300 combines naturally occurring phytosterols derived from natural vegetable oil to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and lower cholesterol.

Elements for success
Lopez believes two things are essential for success in the rapidly evolving natural products industry: solid science and the building of bridges between consumers, natural-product developers and pharmaceutical companies. Call it, perhaps, a complementarian philosophy.

He applies it to the relationship between natural products and pharmaceuticals. "So if we have the newest technology like Vesifact's VesiSorb that makes good ingredients like co-Q10 great by improving bioavailability, this is helpful for people taking statin drugs. Statins deplete co-Q10 in the body and CoQSource replenishes this valuable nutrient. If we're able to provide a natural combination for lowering cholesterol that is complementary to statins, this is good.

"There can be an adversarial relationship between pharmaceuticals and natural products. What's needed is not a confrontational approach, but rather a complementary one. If you think about it, many companies like Abbott and Bayer have a natural-products division.

"So we need to establish a bridge, a basis for communicating, and that bridge is science-based products. If there is compelling science, people are going to more easily embrace a complementary approach. As an industry, I think we can do a much better job of representing ourselves," Lopez says.

He applies it to consumers, as well. "The future depends on consumers' education. We've got to help companies like Vitamin Shoppe and GNC to educate, and create awareness at the retail level," Lopez says.

"SourceOne does this by focusing on the effective utilization of communication tools in each channel of distribution. For instance, with direct-to-consumer marketing that uses catalogues, it is important to include articles about the products written by industry experts and scientists. With multi-level marketing or network marketing, we must create presentation materials with this type of commentary and editorial coverage."

Meeting the challenges
Responsible marketing is key, though, Lopez believes. "Gaining the consumers' trust and belief in the benefits natural supplements and functional foods provide is a challenge we must all embrace and is one of the most important issues facing our industry. Too often companies introduce products that are not science-based, do not have the safety track records and are not scrutinized to the standards that we have established at SourceOne. Delivering on the promises we make by providing clinically proven ingredients ensures the long-term health and sustainability of the natural products business for us all," Lopez says.

As for the future, Lopez has solid confidence in his company's approach. "More educated consumers of nutritional supplements and functional foods demand higher levels of validated quality, science and safety," he says, "thus ensuring we'll be in the forefront."

And in the bridge business.

"Successful relationship-building based on mutual trust and respect has garnered a quality corporate image for SourceOne. More than 30 years of operational experiences with wellness brands such as Ralston Purina and Cognis has enabled us to strengthen our market positioning, add credibility to the new products and technologies we bring to the marketplace and further differentiate ourself from the competition."

Some of SourceOne's Products
OmegaSmart marine super- concentrates
CoQSource bio-enhanced co-Q10
Cardio E naturally balanced E isomers
Co3 E palm tocotrienols
GammaSource mixed tocopherols
ActivAli Tongkat Ali
SterolSource 300 plant sterols
OPC-Source French Maritime Pine bark extract
Cholesstrinol featuring Sytrinol and SterolSource 300 plant sterols

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