Surgeon General Recommends Focus on Prevention in Addressing the Public Health Threat of Alzheimer’s Disease

Cites integrative medicine as “an exciting opportunity in brain research”

(TUCSON, AZ.) --- Vice Admiral Richard Carmona, M.D., Surgeon General of the United States, has joined the growing ranks of those promoting the potential role that integrative medicine can play in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Carmona’s remarks, which cite the “promising influence that lifestyle has on cognitive function,” will be delivered via video at the inaugural International Conference on the Integrative Medical Approach to the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease. The conference is scheduled for October 10-12, 2003, at the Wyndham Buttes Resort in Tempe, Arizona.

“While there has been groundbreaking research that has shown the benefits of certain pharmaceutical interventions with respect to Alzheimer’s treatment, I do not believe enough emphasis has been placed on prevention,” asserted Dr. Carmona. Referring to recent research that shows the influence that lifestyle has on cognitive function, Dr. Carmona stated that this “provides an exciting new opportunity in brain research to begin evaluating the benefits of integrative medicine and the prevention of brain degenerative diseases.”

The Surgeon General’s remarks were praised by the Alzheimer’s Prevention Foundation International (APFI), a non-profit organization which pioneered the brain longevity platform more than a decade ago. This critically acclaimed platform is based on an integrative medical model, which combines diet and nutrition with exercise, stress management and mind-body medicine, and pharmaceutical medications and hormones. The bold approach bridges conventional and natural therapies, which foundation officials maintain, “brings together the best of good science with the best of good sense.”

“The APFI is delighted that the Surgeon General appreciates the power that integrative medicine can potentially unleash in an Alzheimer’s prevention strategy,” stated Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., President and Medical Director of the APFI. “We look forward to working with him to develop a federal action plan that responds to this growing epidemic through responsible research and education programs,” he concluded.

The October event will feature presentations on cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic prevention measures for Alzheimer’s including future new drug therapies, dietary and lifestyle links to brain degenerative diseases, the impact of stress and meditation on memory, the role of inflammation on neurodegenerative disorders, and multiple hormone therapy. Other topics scheduled to be addressed include a review of the scientific research on the effect of exercise on cognitive function, alternative interventions for preventing and treating neurodegenerative disease, and a host of other exciting and breakthrough areas in Alzheimer’s prevention and neurology research.

For more information about the conference, visit, or call 800-863-5085.

Founded in 1993, the Alzheimer’s Prevention Foundation International is a Tucson, Arizona based non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease through research and education programs. It is committed to empowering brain longevity, which will ensure enhanced quality of life for present and future generations.

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