Surya Henna Brings Brazilian 'Ecological Broom' to the USA

Woodside, New York (November 1, 2004) Acting on a growing concern for community and the environment, Surya Nature, Inc., known for its Surya Henna line of body care products, announced today that it will be importing Brazilian Ecological Brooms to the United States. Each month more than 2,000 of these brooms are manufactured in Brazil by “Tres Rios Cultural and Environmental Association” in Rio de Janeiro as part of its environmental education program which involves the selective collecting of waste. Thanks to this initiative, the volume of bottles collected in Tres Rios has increased, leaving the city cleaner and providing a number of jobs for the people.

Local Brazilians skillfully make the handles of wood with the stitching being constructed of plastic from PET bottles. Not only has this been a creative solution for using discarded materials and reducing environmental impact but Tres Rios residents have the opportunity to become involved in active citizenship to create a better quality of life.

Inclusive within its mission, Surya Nature has undertaken stewardship of the Ecological Broom project because it is in accordance with company concerns about the good use of recyclable waste, social issues and environmental protection. In addition, two other companies have pledged their support. Mundo Verde, a leading Brazilian natural products retailer and a well-known brand, will be providing the brooms that are being imported by Surya Nature. Secondly, Abrapan, a Brazilian trade association for natural product companies, has also sponsored the project because of its strong belief that companies need to be concerned with conscious consumption not just commerce. Mundo Verde and Surya Nature are members of Abrapan.

Surya Nature is the U.S. branch of the Vedic Hindus Company, which has been operating successfully in Brazil for over 25 years supplying cosmetics founded on a vision of internal beauty. As part of its mission, Surya Nature embraces the Ayurvedic principle: Know how to live in harmony with nature and oneself using elements that do not harm the body. The company manufactures high quality henna hair care products and all-plant temporary tattoos for the beauty supply, professional and natural products markets. Surya Henna products are available at health food stores, pharmacies and beauty supply outlets throughout the United States.


Shari Hindman, Integral Marketing
303.499.9665 voice
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