Surya Nature Introduces 100% Natural, Plant-Based Temporary Tattoo From Brazil

New York, New York (February 10, 2005) “Temporary tattoos are not new but our 100% plant-based tattoo is unlike anything in the market!” says Surya Nature, Inc. of Woodside, New York. The company is introducing Surya Tattoo, made from 100% natural ingredients. Quite different from similar products that use chemical colorings or plumb salts, Surya Tattoo is the only temporary tattoo made solely with plants, without any synthetic substances or henna in its formulation. The bluish black color exclusive to this product makes the tattoo look like the real thing!

In order to develop Surya Tattoo, the company researched a variety of plants from India and the Brazilian Amazon that produce vegetal coloring agents that dye the skin naturally, the most important of these being Genipa americana, a tropical fruit used by American Indians to dye the skin. The plant constituents react with the skin’s biochemical components and with the air to produce the dark color of the tattoo easily and without harm to the skin. Being very different from Indian “mendhi” in color and process, Surya Tattoo remains on the skin for about 10 days depending on the part of the body chosen for the application and the chemistry of the person’s skin. The color of the tattoo does not fade when washed with water or rubbed or scratched. Instead, the tattoo loses its color only through cellular regeneration of the skin. Hypo allergic and non-irritating, the product has been approved by the Brazilian Sanitary Surveillance Agency.

Each Surya Tattoo package contains one tube of Tattoo Cream, one brush for applying the tattoo, adhesive shapes with different drawings and fixative stickers. There are four variety packs each with a different theme: Teen, Extreme, Mystic and Surf. The sticker, adhesive and cream is applied to the skin and then remains on the skin for 2 ½ hours before removing and rinsing the area with water. The picture reaches its maximum intensity within 24 hours.
Surya Nature is the U.S. branch of the Vedic Hindus Company, which has been operating successfully in Brazil for over 25 years supplying cosmetics founded on a vision of internal beauty. As part of its mission, Surya Nature embraces the Ayurvedic principle: Know how to live in harmony with nature and oneself using elements that do not harm the body. The company manufactures high quality henna hair care products and all-plant temporary tattoos for the beauty supply, professional and natural products markets. Surya Henna products are available at health food stores, pharmacies, beauty supply outlets and other fine stores throughout the United States. For more information, see


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