Sushi Brama Changes Packaging to Extend Shelf Life

Sushi Brama, Israel, successfully penetrated the Israeli retail market with fresh sushi thanks to utilizing SLB™ Technology (Shelf Life Booster) via Athena, an advanced packaging system developed and marketed by Hefestus, Israel.

Sushi is a traditional Japanese food that fuses culinary aesthetics with well-balanced, nourishing, and colorful ingredients. Manufactures are under constant pressure to keep this highly perishable food fresh and tasty. With Athena, Sushi Brama has succeeded in doubling sushi shelf life to 4–5 days, while significantly decreasing the number of returns. All ingredients in Sushi Brama products are natural, fresh and hand-picked.

“This is the first time fresh sushi is being sold on supermarket shelves in Israel,” notes Shimon Lebowitz, CEO of Sushi Brama. “Its delicate taste and texture provide a true challenge to every sushi producer who wants to market fresh sushi in supermarkets.”


“We faced enormous barriers in vending our products in supermarkets due to the typically short shelf life of fresh sushi,” explains Lebowitz. “Using the SLB™ Technology of Hefestus’ advanced packaging machine paved the way to provide consumers the pleasure of eating fresh sushi at home, anytime and at lower cost compared to restaurants. We anticipate a major growth in sales during 2010”

“We are proud to be part of Sushi Brama success in the marketplace,” says Oded Shtemer, company President & CEO. “Their accomplishment demonstrates how SLB™ Technology can save money and increase product shelf life without compromising on taste and texture.”

About Hefestus

Hefestus’ advanced packaging system allows manufacturers and marketers to transport fresh seafood, meat and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables products to distant destinations without impact on product odour and appearance, and can revolutionize the entire supply chain from manufacturer to consumer via fewer returns or discards, lower cost, reduced impact on the environment and more satisfied consumers.


About Sushi Brama

Sushi Brama offers a wide variety of fresh sushi that is delicately, esthetically and colorfully served. Each order is prepared with care according to the customer’s requirements. Sushi Brama manufactures its offerings in a unique fashion in a factory specially designed to create an “Ultra-Fresh™” sushi product. The plant is custom-designed to fill the needs of retailers, caterers, hotels and restaurants.

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